German Language Schools in Switzerland

German Language Schools in Switzerland

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A Guide To Learning German in Switzerland

Switzerland is more than a land of silky chocolate, cheese fondue, cuckoo clocks, and yodeling. It is a place of rural beauty and epic adventures. And with four national languages, Switzerland is the perfect place for language study abroad. While walking the streets, you’ll catch tidbits of Italian, French, and Romansh, but the most unique tongue you’ll hear is Swiss German. Find a linguistic alpine adventure – strap your skis on during the weekend and cozy up in a cafe to study during the week. Anything is possible if you choose to learn German in Switzerland; it’s German, with a twist!

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Hutong School

China’s no. 1 Mandarin school offers group and private classes for all levels of Mandarin learners. Schools in China and abroad

Find German Language Courses in Switzerland

Standard German Course in Zurich, Switzerland

Boasting a lively café scene, majestic streets, historic buildings, and other wonderful aspects, Zürich is an ideal place to learn German in Switzerland! Besides these, a big percentage of its population speaks the language. Learning to speak German will help you communicate ...

Learn German in Switzerland

Always ranking in the top 10 most cheerful and happiest nations worldwide for the past years, Switzerland is certainly an ideal destination for immersing in a new culture and meeting people. Boasting of an enchanting atmosphere; it features majestic mountains, medieval cities ...

High Alpine Institute FTAN International Boarding School

At the Hochalpines Institut Ftan, you’ll find we provide an innovative and inclusive learning environment, allowing our students to reach their full potential in a friendly, family-style environment. We pride ourselves on fostering international culture and independence among ...

German Summer Immersion for Teenagers in Engelberg, Switz.

Imagine learning in the town of Engelberg, appealing because of its distinct and rustic character. The Benedictine monastery was founded in 1120 and has a great impact on the life of the village, even today. Monks still live, work and teach there. The homes left over from the ...

Live & Learn German in Switzerland

Experience one of the best German language immersion programs with Languages Abroad’s Live and Learn program in Basel, Switzerland! Learn one of Switzerland's three national languages (French and Italian are the other two) as it borders both France and Germany! The city is ...

Summer Camp in Switzerland (5-16 years old) Day / Full Board

The Junior and Teen Camp welcomes girls and boys, from 5 to 16 years old, in Laax - a picturesque municipality in in the Swiss canton of Graubünden just one hour and 30 minutes from Zurich Airport. JTC is family owned and operated by Rose-Marie, Bernard, and Gilles Repond. It ...

American College Program at University of Fribourg

Operating in an increasingly interdependent world, and in particular in international organizations, requires interdisciplinary thinking. The University of Fribourg is uniquely well suited to provide such an education as it has a long-standing and innovative tradition in ...

American College Program - University of Fribourg

Free Advising and Placement Services for Language Courses

AEI is renowned for offering reliable language abroad programs to those interested to learn a foreign language of another country. AEI study abroad agency provides free and personalized counseling and placement services for language studies abroad. Programs include language ...

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