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Live&Learn with your Gaelic teacher - Various Locations

Live and learn with your own private Gaelic teacher in Ireland! This program is a very unique way to learn a language as while you stay in Ireland you'll be learning Gaelic in your teacher's home! The program is great for students who require a deeper level of learning to fully grasp a language, and what better way to learn a language than by using it every day! Each morning you're in Irela...


Direct Low Cost - University of Galway (Summer)

A low cost, non-profit Irish Studies summer program in Ireland is offered by CSA at the University of Galway. The program is an integrated introduction to Irish Studies with emphasis on key themes of Identity, Emigration, Religion. An extensive selection of elective courses including Irish Language, as well as field trips that complement the courses are also provided. The Irish Language prog...


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Learn A New Language with Sprachenatelier Berlin

Sprachenatelier Berlin is unique because it offers more than just German language courses. We offer classes in over 40 different languages in addition to our core German courses. Furthermore, Sprachenatelier hosts a variety of art and cultural events which contribute to the overall student experience. The ideal person for this program is the student who wants to come to Berlin not only to ...


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Find a Private Language Teacher Abroad

Teacher Finder makes finding a private language teacher in your location quick and easy. You don't need to spend hours going through profiles and contacting individual teachers. Just fill out one form on the website for around 10 minutes and, within the day, you will be introduced to an experienced language teacher who suits your needs. You can organise lessons with your teacher and pay the...


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Choose from over 100 Language Courses

Choose from more than 100 language courses at the Eton Institute in the United Arab Emirates. With the Eton Institute language learning method, all conversation while training takes place in the target language. Students find themselves taking on a new language the same way they did with their first  with natural ease. Eton Institute believes that 80 percent of any conversation is based on 20 ...