10 Best Summer Travel Programs in 2018-2019

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Old Man Winter seems to come back with a vengeance every year to make our lives miserable with the cold and darkness (thank goodness for holidays). Sometimes it feels like summer’s enemy wants to top its own record and continue to shock our systems. The chill in the air spurs us to dream about warmer weather with sunglasses, sunscreen, and serene waters. Why not add some meaningful summer travel programs to those dreams?

10 Summer Travel Programs to Soak Up the Sun

Whether you’re looking for summer travel programs for high school students, college students, or travel enthusiasts of all ages, you’ll find a #spicyhot opportunity from a few weeks to the whole season are available that will thaw out your blood and pump up the adrenaline for a time you’ll never forget!  

How can you travel abroad this summer? Considering participating in short-term study abroad programs or general summer travel programs for people like you! While there’s a boatload to choose from, we did the legwork to give you a short list of our favorite summer travel programs:

10 best summer travel programs in 2019

Summer travel programs for teens

Are you a high school student who just want to get away from the ‘rents, annoying siblings, and your boring hometown? Maybe another full summer of working at Micky D’s makes you want to vom. Spend your break with any one of these summer travel programs for high school students, and you’ll never be able to stop taking snaps for your social as you experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. These high school summer travel abroad programs are worth a second glance!

1. Nicaragua & Cuba: Arts & Social Change – The Experiment in International Living

Toucan sitting on a tree branch
“Toucan” also travel to these countries!

With an infusion of arts and outdoor activities, you’ll experience Central America in a way you didn’t think possible. You’ll be truly immersed in the culture, as you’ll be living with a host family, trekking the vegetation, trying exotic fruits, visiting art studios, and sipping a homegrown cup o’ joe. Your summer will be filled with poetry and jewelry workshops, and you’ll come away with a new understanding of a world you didn’t know existed. 

2. Live & Study in London – API at Harlaxton College

The London Bridge at night
The London Bridge will fall down without you here.

Why not go across the pond to see one of the top destinations in the world?! You love Harry Potter and Doctor Who, so spend an ace summer in London. Marvel at Big Ben, ride the London Eye, stroll through Westminster Abbey, and more in England’s capital city. Your days will be so jam-packed with cultural excursions, social activities, and recreational opportunities that you’ll want to apply for dual citizenship.  

3. Summer Adventure in Iceland - Westcoast Connections / 360 Student Travel

Cliff with waterfall at sunset
How can you resist the beauty of Iceland?

Maybe you’re just not into hot, hot summers and sunburns. Spend two amazing weeks in Iceland, where you’ll swim in hot springs, kayak down rivers, take a bath in the Green Lagoon, try to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull, and more! From viewing volcanic craters to taking photos of stunning landscapes that send shivers down your spine (the good kind), you’ll cherish the memories you make of this far-off destination forever. 

Summer travel programs for college students

Are you in between semesters and wondering “What should I do this summer?” College summer travel programs usually take two tracks: you can benefit your career with an internship, additional courses, or a summer job, or you can devote most of your time to fun — but who says you can’t do it all at once? Whether you want to boost your resume, earn more college credits, try daredevil activities, or make a difference, get out of your comfort zone with any one of these summer travel programs for college students. 

4. Volunteer to Teach Abroad in Brazil – WorldTeach

A beach in Brazil at sunset
The best part about evenings in Brazil.

Combine your love of teaching and volunteering in Brazil! Make a difference by supporting WorldTeach’s mission here to teach at-risk children, adolescents, and their families. With endless sunshine and caipirinhas, you’ll enjoy this relaxing, coastal atmosphere with its colorful architecture and remote villages. You’ll have the opportunity to paddle on a caiçara canoe and hike through a preserved island forest. 

5. Voyage From Tahiti to Australia – Seamester at Sea

A ship in Sydney Harbor, Australia.
Go on the voyage of a lifetime down under.

If you’re a person who would grow fins or a mermaid tail because you love the water so much, then this program is just for you. Travel more than 4,000 miles on the sea for 80 days, as you visit the Land Down Under. On the “Coconut Run,” you’ll earn credits on this educational voyage while SCUBA diving the Great Barrier Reef along the way! You’ll become a sailor in no time. 

6. Study Chinese at Beijing Language & Culture University – GoAbroad China

Laughing buddha in front of a temple
Learn to speak the language of this culture.

Immerse yourself in the Chinese culture by living with a host family and taking intensive language classes. China is quickly becoming one of the top global leaders and knowing Chinese will give you a leg up when looking for classes. Not to mention that China has a low cost of living that you’ll love. In addition to learning how to master this ancient language, you’ll explore the Great Wall, temples, and gardens, and try taichi, painting, and cuisine. 

Awesome summer travel programs for adults

Maybe you’re past the age of traditional student programs, but you still want to experience the summer of a lifetime. Or maybe you’re a high school/college student who just wants more options. We’ve got the answer to your “What to do over summer break?” dilemma. Plenty of summer travel programs abroad are just waiting for travel enthusiasts like you who are looking to experiment with experiential learning. Check out these unique summer programs: 

7. Volunteer with Sharks in Fiji – Projects Abroad

Trade in your land legs for some sea ones and dive under.

Shark lovers rejoice in this pioneering shark protection project in Fiji! Gain experience with internationally renown scientists while working on your tan on the daily. Basic requirements: must love swimming, scuba diving, and have no known fears of Jaws. Get your PADI Open Water certification and tag, count, and track shark life in Nadi, Fiji and surrounding areas!

8. Animal Volunteering in South Africa – Volunteering Journeys

Lion peeking through a tree
He’d be “lion” if he said he didn’t need you.

Be one with the animals this summer in a country twice the size of Texas. Experience the beauty of Rainbow Nation while contributing to animal conservation in South Africa. The activities you’ll participate in here are endless from predator monitoring to beach clean-ups and canoeing to star gazing. The karma you’ll gain after you volunteer here will shoot through the roofs, as you help manage predators, such as “The Big Five.” 

9. South East Asia Ethical Adventure Trail – Frontier

Ancient temple in Thailand
Follow the paths to these ancient temples.

Why just choose from Thailand, Cambodia, or Vietnam when you can travel through all of them?! Swim in turquoise blue waters, explore the rainforests, and marvel at ancient temples as you trek through these ancient kingdoms. Spend your evenings in the vibrant cities, or learn about the locals in small villages. The cost of items here are inexpensive, so you’ll get the most bang out of your buck with this summer travel program.  

10. Volunteer in the Philippines – Volunteer for the Visayans

Children playing in a school
Volunteer in the Philippines communities.

If you have any type of medical experience, the Philippines is looking for volunteers who can give back to the community. You’ll help with medical checkups, host medical relief clinics, and assist with resolving sanitation and hygiene issues. This organization also has many sub-programs for childcare, teaching, coaching, and women’s issues, so you’ll easily be able to find something that will complement your background. 

These summer travel programs guarantee fun in the sun

The early bird gets the worm—start planning and applying for summer travel programs a couple months ahead of time to secure a spot ahead of time. The cold weather is the perfect motivator to get a jumpstart on finding the program that is calling your name like a siren to shore. Escape the humdrum of your monotonous summers to a place where you can ogle at beach sunsets and roaring waterfalls. 

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