Seamester Study Abroad at Sea Seamester Study Abroad at Sea

Seamester: Transpacific, Tahiti to Australia - 80 days

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10/ 10

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The most unique program

Seamester is the most unique program because not only do you get to visit many different places around the world in a span of 3 months, but you also make life long friends with the 25 or so shipmates. Not only are you living with these people, but you are also cooking, and sailing, and taking classes with them as well. In a matter of 90 days you will be able to say that you have met another group of people that you can call your family.

My favorite part of my program besides the amazing places we visited, the amount of miles we were able to sail, the wonderful classes that we had the opportunity to take, the beautiful scuba diving we were able to partake in was the magnificent people that became my second family.

Seamester impacts my life at home on a daily basis. It has taught me to live in the moment and to appreciate everything around me. I have learned the essence of adventure, and the importance of incorporating adventure in my day-to-day life. I have become the person I am today because of Seamester.