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Czech Republic: Arts and Social Change

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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Greatest. Program. Ever.

This is by far the greatest study abroad program I have ever been on. It is cultural immersion at its best, from the homestay component, to discussing in-depth the history, politics and arts culture of the Czech Republic, to rigorous Czech lessons and much, much more. It is so much more than a three-hour class day at Charles University. You will do a lot of work, but you will also grow as a person and experience academics in a totally new way. The independent study allows you to focus on a topic that YOU think is interesting and expand your knowledge of (from fashion design, to creative writing, to charting WWII bomb trenches...the possibilities are endless). If you are a self-starter with lots of motivation and academic ambition, this program is for you.

Very writing/politics/theory heavy, so if you aren't well-versed in those areas be wary. The program is non-traditional and your classes will consist of alternative experiences - film screenings, art gallery talks, literary discourse over coffee in a cafe, dance concerts, etc. You will also receive Czech language lessons, which are essential! Last component is the independent study, which you work on throughout the semester. Don't leave it until the last minute!

Living Situation:
Students live in homestays, which are culturally immersive. You may live with a large family, or a single mother and child. It's great!

Cultural Immersion:
Every day is a new adventure! From week-long stays in rural parts of the country, to interactive experiences with leading specialists in the arts, politics and history (we even got the chance to meet former president Vaclav Havel!), this non-traditional study abroad course will have you thinking, speaking and feeling Czech in no time.

Program Administration:
Sarah Brock is the best! She is amazing!

Health and Safety:
Totally safe! Steer clear of Hernas (casinos) and apparently it is not good for Americans to go out on national holidays because skinheads start riots(?) but other than that, no problems

Social Life:
This depends on the person/group you are in. My group went out but we were not partyers, so if partying/clubbing is a priority for you, find some Czechs to take you out! The clubs and bars are a lot of fun and play good music.