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Teach English in Romania with Projects Abroad

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Teaching in Romania

I spent three months in Romania as a volunteer English teacher. I mainly assisted the classroom teacher in her daily lessons. My focus was mainly on improving the fluency level of English spoken by the students. My activities varied depending on which grade I was working with, but for the most part I read parts of their textbooks out loud for the students so they could hear the correct English pronunciation of the words.

My interactions with Romanians were very positive. My hosts were gracious, helpful people who made me feel right at home. I always enjoyed the food served there. Likewise, the staff of Projects abroad was always helpful whenever I needed a question answered, a piece of advice to be given, or just some good conversation. My time there wouldn't have been the same without those staff members being there for me and the other volunteers.

Another huge part of my experience there were the other Projects Abroad volunteers. These came from a number of countries and came there for several different projects. Over my three months stay in Romania, there was an ever-changing mix of people who one could have fun with, whether it was doing some traveling, eating out, or having a movie night. Looking back on the whole time there, I can honestly say that I hope some of these friendships last for life. In short, the three months of my life were the three happiest months of my life.

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