Inca Projects in Peru with Projects Abroad
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Inca Projects in Peru with Projects Abroad

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My first abroad experience

When I first stepped on the plane my nerves were going crazy. I had never traveled on a plane by myself let alone out of the country. However, the attendants were helpful at helping me find my way through to my final destination, Peru. Once I finally landed on my final plan ride, the projects abroad team was right there to help me find my way. This finally led me to being immersed in the lifestyle of the local Peruvian people.
When I first started on the excursions, I was exhausted. I wasn't used to the elevation or the excess amounts of hiking, but it didn't take long to get used to it and I was glad that I did. We hiked up a mountain and then continued to look for ancient Incan's tombs. We actually did find one but it was looted. Our other activities involved archaeological work as well as reading to the local children at their library.
On the weekends we got to travel on our own; some people went to Machu Picchu, while other's traveled around Cusco and the amazing sites that laid around the city.
This was one of the greatest experience that I will always go to in the back of my mind and think about.

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