Work in a Rural Health Clinic in the Philippines
Kaya Responsible Travel participant with the locals Kaya Responsible Travel participant with the locals

Work in a Rural Health Clinic in the Philippines

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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Thank you Kaya, I would love to travel with you again someday!

Kaya was really helpful throughout the sign up process. I had lots of questions to ask before I signed up, which were all answered and once I had signed up I was given a lot of information to prepare for it. The advisors kept in contact with me throughout my preparations and eased any worries that I had.

It has opened my eyes to a totally different culture and how people can get by on relatively little. It has definitely made me more appreciative of what I have at home, and made me realise how much I take for granted.

I would definitely recommend volunteering to anyone who wants to try something different, or meet new people. I loved the fact that I met people who took a totally different outlook on life compared to me.

Thank you Kaya, I would love to travel with you again someday!

Volunteer Experience:
I helped out at a rural clinic by assisting the nurses in preparing vaccinations, taking weight, blood pressure, pulse rate and breathing rate measurements.

It means that you are going to help the people you are meeting, rather than just observe them. I like the fact that I was helping to improve the service provided to the people, even if it only made a tiny difference.

Living Situation:
Yes, I had never travelled alone before, so getting through airport customs and having someone to meet me at the end was my main concern!

The excursions to various islands were incredible! Also, hanging out with the local girls in the area on a regular basis really made my trip fun.

Community Impact:
I had wanted to experience a totally different culture, and after to speaking to an advisor about the main things I wanted from the experience she recommended the Philippines.

I’m really glad I stayed with a homestay family. They were so accommodating, especially because I’m vegetarian. I didn’t find the basic facilities as much of a problem as I expected because I had been pre-warned a long time in advance, so had a lot of time to get used to the idea.

Everyone was so friendly, despite their hardships. I was also surprised at the level of poverty in certain areas. Until I went there I had no idea that so much poverty existed there.