Tourism & Hospitality Career Path Program in Seville, Spain
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Tourism & Hospitality Career Path Program in Seville, Spain

Overall Rating

7/ 10

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GlobalEd - the good and bad

From day 1 I found GlobalEd to be a very professional program where the representatives were very helpful and answered all of my questions within a reasonable time period. The pre-departure process was very neat, and I always had a full overview of the status, what I needed to complete, and what GlobalEd was working on for me.

When first arriving in Spain, I was introduced to the on-site team, which I found as a positive thing. This because I got to put a face to the name for the whole team.

Activities were great throughout the semester, and I especially loved all the guided trips we had with Alejandro.

When it came to my housing situation, I was very pleased with my roommates. The only thing I found troubling was the safety in the apartment. No sign of any fire extinguisher, fire alarms or similar safety equipment. Now, I have learned that this is not normal in such apartments in Spain, but I feel that this should be dealt with and covered by GlobalEd in terms of making sure the "American safety standard" is also held in Spain. If anything happens to any study abroad student in the housing that could have been prevented by something as simple as a fire extinguisher or fire alarm, I am sure GlobalEd wished they had invested in this for the landlord.

I was not pleased with my experience with EUSA. EUSA bragged about how professional they were at our orientation meeting, but nothing of this reflected throughout the semester.
No set syllabus before the semester started, the teachers did not grade the different assignments until months after the due dates. In one class the teacher left after 1 class, and a sub came in for the whole semester who had never taught the course. That course was just a mess the whole semester. The other GlobalEd student and I were definitely not pleased with the EUSA situation, and Nicole also knows about some of our issues. I would definitely recommend students to complete courses at the University of Sevilla instead of EUSA.

My 2-week language school at Clic was very good. I found Clic to be a professional school with a high level of knowledge to what they were doing. I would definitely recommend students to complete a language course here before starting the semester.

My internship at GlampingHub was an interesting ride. Since I was only there for 2 days per week, my supervisor had some difficulties with keeping me busy. GlampingHub got interns working there every day, so I felt I fell short of them, cause they always had stuff to do, while I found myself constantly asking my supervisor for things to do. A great place to work with a lot of great people, but they could definitely have gotten more out of me as an intern with a little more planning to it.

My overall experience with GlobalEd is that they have a great team of people, and it is very organised. If I ever had a question, I would always get an answer, so there is great growth potential for GlobalEd.