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Carlota Navarro Arribas - CEO & Founder

Carlota Navarro Arribas - CEO & Founder

Carlota is the CEO  and Founder of We Find Group and The Global Internship. She specializes in human resources management consulting with an international background that makes up the heart of We Find Group’s global programs.

What inspired you to found We Find Group?

I was raised in a diplomatic family and lived all around the globe throughout my life. I was born in Honduras, and lived in Switzerland, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, France, and Tanzania. I was educated in various continents and learned four different languages while living in different countries. This up-bringing gave me the open mind to apply to a global internship, and this internship was the way I entered into the international work environment. 

After my first internship, I got a job in the global management consulting company Alexander Proudfoot Consulting PLC, as a Change Management Consultant, travelling all around the globe to advise clients on how to gain sustainable results. During that period, I was working in Peru in a mining site at 5,000 thousand meters’ altitude, one month later I was in a brewery factory in Bulgaria, and then in an automotive manufacturing company in France to implement training and coaching process. This drastically opened my mind to the globalized world! 

At this point, I realized that the key to success in the globalized world is a combination of a global mind, language skills, and international experience. I decided that I wanted to share this view and experience with future hires and train the leaders of the future starting from their undergraduate placements. At that time, I could see that a recruitment agency that encompassed both global internships and a recruitment service was needed and that combination is one of our major values.

Students after a padel racquet match in Madrid
Padel racquet match with Interns at the Headquarters of We Find Group in Madrid

What sets We Find Group apart from other international program providers?

We Find Group is breaking geographical and cultural boundaries and making the world more connected! We Find Group specializes in headhunting for management consulting, finance and insurance, engineering, construction, retail, and fashion vacancies around the world.

How would you describe the Global Internship program in one sentence?

The Global Internship is aimed to guarantee the most meaningful internship possible and coach undergraduates to succeed in a growing, globalized world.

What types of positions and host companies are interns placed in through We Find Group?

For the period of 2017-2018, we will be placing international interns in London, Madrid, and Ohio, in very different sectors, from management consulting and financial services to fashion, retail, engineering, public affairs, education, legal, health, sports, nutrition, and more. We have a growing list of companies requesting interns.

Due to our flexibility and global expertise, we fill very different positions, however the common denominator is our candidate’s and client’s global mindset! Since we headhunt for so many sectors in so many countries, our clients looking for permanent placements are the majority of our intern’s host companies. Because we have such a detailed knowledge and close relationship with the host companies, we can very efficiently guide the interns to be successful during the overall internship and beyond.

Students after a padel racquet match in Madrid
Padel racquet match with Interns at the Headquarters of We Find Group in Madrid

We also select solely those host companies that highly value the intern’s role and that guarantee they’ll have a supervisor dedicated to them with a training plan to ensure the intern learns and gets the most from the internship.

We Find Group loves challenges, therefore, no matter what the interns want, ‘we find’ the internship they expect!

What makes international work experience valuable?

International work experience is crucial because global companies hire global candidates! Here are the five specific reasons why doing an international internship is beneficial for you as a student:

  1. Doing an internship abroad is a way to get in contact with international companies that will be recruiting your same type of profile for permanent positions. Utilize the internship to show them that you are have the right fit!
  2. You will be able to use this international internship experience during your job search as a proof of independency, maturity, and ambition.
  3. Companies look to hire candidates with international profiles when they expand overseas, or when they are selling abroad or doing the internationalization of the operational processes.
  4. This is a chance to get to know, understand, and learn other cultures and habits and get experience in working and living abroad; it will open your mind drastically and you’ll gain self-confidence!
  5. Your international internship will prepare you for the globalization that is a reality in the present and future professional scenario.

How many vacancies do you fill annually?

We Find Group fills hundreds of permanent positions worldwide on a yearly basis, and manages the same number of student placements in Madrid, London, and Ohio for the spring, summer, and fall periods. 

Interns in Madrid
Attending Project Presentations of Interns at the Ineco Engineering Headquarters in Madrid

What type of professional support do you provide candidates before and after they begin their new position?

We are the driver of success for both the interns and permanent placements. Before arrival, we help the interns to best assess what type of company and internship matches their profile and future career goals, through a one-on-one advising process. We also help the intern to improve their resume and cover letter. Moreover, we provide assistance for interview preparation with the selected company to help the intern understand the company sector, activity, and competitors. This preparation process itself is a unique learning process for the intern! We also help the intern in assessing the level of language skills with a unique WFG evaluation process.

Once the matching process is completed, we support the interns in the preparation for their trip, support them in the process of getting international health insurance, and helping with risk management. We remain hands-on with the intern, helping and guiding them from the very first day to after the end of the internship. Our goal is that interns shine during the internship, and at the same time, that they take the most away from the unique international experience.

Do you provide any supplementary services for interns outside of placement arrangements?

At We Find Group and The Global Internship we are devoted to our candidates and we provide recruitment and coaching support prior, during, and after any placement process. We are proud to have so many success stories where we have helped our former interns get a permanent job offer after completing the internship. Our major goal will always be to train the leaders of the future in a globalized world. Some of our former interns are currently leading high level positions in global companies!

Where are most jobs located?

Although We Find Group is a globalized company delivering recruitment and internship programs all over the world, 85 percent of our activity is done mainly in Europe, within the service sector in the main capitals, such as Madrid, London, and Paris.

We also work a high number of industrial sector positions for the automotive, engineering, and aviation sector. These positions are mainly engineering experts or quality and production managers. We also have an excellent track record for mining, oil, and gas experts and management consulting freelance placements. For these positions, we deliver recruitment in Africa, Australia, and South and North America.

We Find Group staff at Fox Restaurant in Madrid, Spain
Farewell Event for Interns at Fox Restaurant in Madrid

Why do you think global experience of any kind is important in the world today?

Global experience is simply a “must have” in the world today and getting a first experience through a global internship is highly valued by companies for the following reasons:

  1. A candidate that has done an overseas internship is perceived by companies as a highly confident, mature, and autonomous individual, and will come to the top of the list of future hires.
  2. Companies look to hire unique individuals with a combination of technical knowledge, competencies, and language skills, which can be gained through international internships.
  3. Companies usually have an issue internally with foreign languages when they want to expand internationally. Therefore, a candidate that has done an international internship is attractive because he or she has been exposed to other languages.
  4. Candidates with international experience have a higher level of tolerance for ambiguity and have a higher level of adaptability to different cultures and working environments.
  5. A global candidate is a global thinker, which can be an invaluable asset for any company.

This interest in international experience leads to the following benefits for candidates: 

  1. Having a global experience will help you to more rapidly find a job after graduation.
  2. You will have access to higher salaries. Candidates that have interned abroad get salaries, on average, 15 percent higher than their counterparts without international experience.
  3. Having a global experience will also generate trust in you, and companies will provide you with higher responsibility roles and will promote you faster. 

All this being said, through The Global Internship program by We Find Group, we will guide you to get the meaningful international experience that will put you on the top of the list of candidates for highly valued permanent positions after graduation!