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Débora Morales Macía - Global Business Development Manager

Débora Morales Macía - Global Business Development Manager

Debora is the global business development manager of We Find Group. With a background in international business and a passion for sports events, she is responsible for managing the company’s clients in Madrid as well as identifying new companies that could be interested in participating in We Find Group’s programs.

You joined We Find Group as a full time staff member in early 2016, but you worked as an intern before that. How did you originally get connected to the company?

I started as an Intern at We Find Group and the Global Internship in 2015. I have a business and professional sports background, so my roles and responsibilities were initially to participate in the creation of unique professional events and sport activities for ours interns. As an intern, I could see the excellent care We Find Group takes for each intern. We focus on finding exactly the internship that matches the intern’s profile.

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We Find Group also values sports and healthy living during the internships, which is why I accepted a permanent position as business development manager in Spain, and I can say that I have grown both personally and professionally. I am so proud to positively contribute to our interns professional and personal growth.

What made you want to join the We Find Group team in a more permanent position?

The truth is that the idea of being able to support the students in fulfilling their professional dream is a passion for me! In addition, it allows me the possibility to meet many people from different cultures and to work with the team of We Find Group and The Global Internship that I love.

The values of Excellence, Flexibility, Globalization, Responsibility, Diversity, and Trust really represent what we aim to do when we say that we create the leaders of the future!
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Describe a typical day at work for you.

A typical day at We Find Group? It's never the same and that's what I love about my job!

Every day we are coordinating the contact between the host companies and the interns, and completing the matching process to ensure the best internship for each intern. During their time abroad, we follow their day-to-day internship placement, helping them grow and shine!

Every day we are able to attend various social events with interns, which they love; it´s a great way for them to get to know the Spanish business environment. We also have Spanish lessons as well as exciting sports activities that I have the pleasure to lead! For example, every year I take the interns to do snowboarding, skiing, or surfing around the most amazing places in Spain. I organize cultural visits, trips, and leisure activities.

So, that’s how I could define a typical day of work! 

How do you convey the importance and value of global experience to prospective interns?

Today we live in an interconnected and enormously globalized world. A student who wants to perform an international internship understands the importance of having an international profile in order to grow professionally in a globalized job market. Being able to add international professional experiences on their CV generates huge added value that can make the difference when it comes to accessing their dream job.

What do you think the biggest benefit of interning in Spain is?

Doing an internship in Spain gives you a tremendous opportunity to learn a new language or improve upon existing knowledge. In addition, you learn how businesses work in Spain, with a European system set apart with its own characteristics, which will generate great added value for your international vision. Moreover, gaining the cultural enrichment that generates one´s own immersion within Spain.

Why is Spain a unique place for international experience in Europe?

Spain is a unique destination due to its culture that mixes the old with the most modern, its climate, and its people with such a great openness that always welcome everyone and make you feel part of the “Spanish family”! It’s also a growing financial and business European hub, so its connectivity with any part of the world is unique, and the fact that it is comprised of people from different cultures and formidable gastronomy.

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How do you ensure each intern you work with is matched with the best internship for them?

We treat each intern as a unique individual and we focus on surpassing the intern’s specific expectations, and we are very successful I must say! We review and align all the parameters of each intern and we take into consideration their entire profile while advising them about what will be the best to be successful in the labour world. We are headhunters with a deep background in management consulting, therefore, we advise and guide the interns and “we find” the most successful meaningful internship. Considering all this, we do an extensive search in which we offer two options to our interns, so that they can choose the one that motivates them the most.

What is your best piece of advice for interns preparing to make the trip abroad?

The best advice I can give you is to have an open mind!

Are there any exciting new developments in the works for 2017 that we should look out for?

For the year 2017, we are amazed with the high amount of requests that we have from host companies in the area of nutrition and health, and also in legal and engineering. This year is loaded with new opportunities for our students and we are excited to offer new options which will enrich their professional training. We are also preparing amazing sports events and trips that will surely make the overseas trip totally unique!

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What is your favorite part about working for We Find Group?

My favorite part of working at We Find Group is having a positive impact on every student who comes to Spain and being able to make their professional dreams come true! I am proud to say that students who come to Spain return home with a multitude of meaningful experiences, unforgettable moments, and a higher level of maturity. I also believe that my passion for sports has given them the opportunity to face the challenges of life from a more positive and healthy point of view.