10 Best Places to Teach English in Europe in 2018

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Just out of school and looking for a new challenge? Tired of your office job and craving an adventure? Try your hand at teaching in Europe! If you’re already a licensed teacher, find international teaching jobs in Europe for a totally different classroom experience. Even if you aren’t sure teaching’s your thing, sign up for programs as short as one week. If you like it, stay up to a year and more!

It can be exciting but also competitive when it comes to ESL jobs Europe. To get the best Europe teaching jobs, be sure to get TEFL certified first. Teach and live abroad in highly developed Western European countries like Germany and France or learn a different language on your teach abroad Europe trip, whether it’s Spanish or Czech. You can also choose to teach abroad Europe in huge multicultural cities or quaint towns in the mountains. 

Shot of European city and canal

Want to teach English abroad in Europe? We don’t blame you!

Don’t think that you’re restricted to teach English abroad in Europe. If you’re qualified and experienced to teach other subjects, you can still find international teaching jobs in Europe at several schools. If you’ve got the stuff, maybe you’ll find yourself teaching high schoolers in Switzerland about Hegel or physics to first year college students. Ready to get onboard? 

Here are the 10 best places to teach abroad in Europe according to our community of meaningful travelers and ESL teachers abroad.

1. Spain

White townhouses in Spain

Where are the best ESL jobs? Europe, of course!

Who’s ready for Europe teaching jobs in a land overflowing with tapas, sangria, and sol? Spain is a popular destination for teaching jobs in Europe because the ESL industry there offers lots of opportunities. You can teach with nuns at convent-run schools, tutor kids as an au pair, teach Spanish adults how to order a meal in English, or give language classes to employees at multinational companies in Madrid and Barcelona. 

Recommended program: Teach abroad in Spain with International TEFL Academy

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2. Italy

Red Vespa moped parked on a city street

Hitch a ride to Italy and find paid teaching jobs.

Italy is where it’s at when it comes to teaching in Europe.Where else in the world can you try almost any flavor of gelato and any pizza topping combination? Teach English abroad in Europe in popular cities like Rome, Milan, and Florence. You can teach at public schools or private language schools or even tutor students yourself. If you’re fluent in Italian and qualified to teach other subjects, teach brilliant minds at prestigious international schools. 

Recommended program: Teach abroad in Italy with API

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3. France

Kid on swing

Don’t worry, they still have recess in Europe.

For those who’ve studied French at college, don’t throw away your degree just yet! ESL jobs in Europe await! Become fluent while teaching English at elementary, middle, and high schools or to French business folk in Paris and Lyon. Earn those Euros each month but budget wisely because France can get quite expensive! That being said, you can’t put a price on the experience of living and teaching abroad in France so have a go!

Recommended program: Teach abroad in France with Speaking-Agency

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4. Germany

View of town houses in Germany

You can find many paid teaching jobs in Europe’s heart—Germany.

Want to explore teaching jobs in Europe? Try the heart of the continent! Germany remains a popular place to teach abroad in Europe because it’s loaded with opportunities at private language schools, public schools, and universities. Teach English in one of many German kindergartens or au pair with a family to teach children one on one. Most ESL teachers find the best Europe teaching jobs in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Hamburg. 

Recommended program: Teach English in Germany with LEOlinguo

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5.  Ireland


There’s plenty to learn while teaching in Ireland.

Think you can’t find teaching jobs in Europe in Ireland? Think again! The land of saints and scholars welcomes teachers of all ilk, whether they teach biology or computer science. Even if you don’t see yourself as a school marm, you can teach English to Irish families through homestays. Most people tend to work in Dublin, the largest city on the island. There’s never a dull moment in a capital for culture vultures and pub regulars. If you’re more after the green of the Emerald Ise, try mentoring students in Killarney. 

Recommended program: Teach abroad in Ireland with Premier TEFL

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6. Czech Republic

Night market in a town square in Prague

Teaching in Prague—where the fairytale is actually just your life.

Been there, done that when it comes to Western Europe? Go East, my friend, to follow the trail of Kafka and swill cheap beer. Find ESL jobs in Europe in Prague’s international and local schools. Work in a place that reveres learning so much that it’s listed as a UNESCO city of literature! If you know a bit of Czech, check out opportunities to tutor children, adults, and local workers to make a bit of extra cash on the side.  

Recommended program: Teach in the Czech Republic with TEFL Worldwide Prague

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7. England

Kid playing in grass

Change lives, both yours AND your students’.

Want to steep yourself in a cultural powerhouse that’s also a bit familiar? Teach abroad in Europe in the motherland of the hallowed English language. You can find Europe teaching jobs in TEFL, math, science, and other subjects. Teach in tiny villages, urban city centers, or coastal towns, from London in the south to Manchester in the north. One of the benefits of teaching in England is that there isn’t much a real language barrier but be sure to learn British slang so you know that apples and pears also means stairs! 

Recommended program: Teach in England with ITTT

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8. Greece

Athens by night

Teach abroad in Greece and this could be your view every day!

Teaching in Europe could mean staring at a cerulean ocean every morning or catching a glimpse of the Acropolis on your commute to work. Sounds right up your alley? Greece has everything you could want: fabulous weather, island getaways, ancient cities, scrumdiddlyumptious food, and more! Find Europe teaching jobs in frontistiria (English schools) in Athens and Thessaloniki or on islands like Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini. Remember to pack that sunscreen!

Recommended program: Teach abroad in Greece with LanguageCorps

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9. The Netherlands

Assorted tulips in a brown paper bags

Thank you presents for teachers? You bet.

If you’re after an ultra-progressive country that also offers international teaching jobs in Europe, head to the Netherlands. Teachers will have a field day in a nation that prides itself on quality holistic education and loves the color orange. Find teach abroad Europe positions in schools across the country, particularly in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. If you’re qualified to teach the International Baccalaureate (IB) in your homeland and know Dutch, you’ll find doors swinging wide for you in this low country.  Maybe instead of apples, you'll get tulips!

Recommended program: Teach abroad in the Netherlands with i-to-i TEFL

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10.  Portugal

Kid smiling

Have a blast on your ESL adventure.

Teaching in Europe doesn’t always have to mean slogging away in a grey classroom. Head west of Spain to find ESL jobs Europe in the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo, fado, and pastéis de nata. If you hate cold, dark winters, then you’ll love Portugal’s Mediterranean climate and coastal cities. Head to Lisbon, Funchal, and Porto to find international teaching jobs in Europe at private and public schools. If you haven’t already, get your TEFL certificate there first to get a leg up in the job market!

Recommended program: Teach abroad in Portugal with Teach Away

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