The Methodology Behind the Official GoAbroad Top Travel Destinations Report for 2018

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How did we collect this data?

Using Google Analytics, GoAbroad analyzed where our millions of users went and how they interacted with our site between January 1, 2017 - December 1, 2017. We extracted the number of visitors each particular subfolder on our website (i.e. /study-abroad, /intern-abroad) received as the next page path from our homepage. 

Next, we collected the specific URLs (or pages/searches) that populated in each subfolder’s top 200 trafficked pages. Our report shares details on anywhere between 5-12 destinations for each subfolder and region. 

google analytics image

We concluded these search patterns indicate the popularity of specific destinations and experiences abroad, thus giving us an accurate snapshot of trending places for particular travel activities.

Other Items of Note

REGIONS. We generally recommend specific countries, but there are certain instances where an entire region, such as the Caribbean, ranked higher than other individual countries. We opted to include rather than omit the region in these cases. 

INCLUSIONS. In the rare instance where 10 individual destinations did not populate our top 200 pages list from 2017, we limited the data shared to that lesser number.

PROGRAM RECOMMENDATIONS. Recommended programs are selected based on a combination of a program’s verification status, the number of reviews, and the ratings associated with those reviews. Some of these links are to paid GoAbroad partners.

Immense gratitude & happy travels!

We’d like to thank our community for not only inspiring us daily, but for also giving us enough insight to share accurate predictions for meaningful travel in 2018.

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