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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Ireland

The Irish take pride in their culture, sports, art, and their gorgeous natural landscapes.. From the Cliffs of Moher to Wicklow Mountains National Park, the Irish locals will always welcome international visitors with welcoming arms. Ireland is also known as the “The Land of Saints and Scholars.” Many famous writers and artists have come from Ireland, such as the Yeats brothers, the painter Jack Butler, poet William Butler, and C.S. Lewis. You never know — after you’re done teaching in Ireland, one of your pupils may become a famous scholar one day, too!

Best Places to Teach in Ireland

Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK). The total population is around 6.4 million people, and it’s the third largest island in Europe. Ireland is divided into 32 counties with 26 of those making up the Republic of Ireland. Each county has its own cultural and historical sites to visit, but all carry the same Irish pride and hospitality. Here are the best places to teach abroad in Ireland. 

Dublin. At the mouth of the River Liffey on the east coast lies this original Viking settlement, capital, and largest city of the Emerald Isle. Here you can marvel at the Dublin Castle, skip through the Phoenix Park, and tour the Guinness Brewery. The charismatic village will charm you with its medieval castles and cathedrals, endless pubs, and sophisticated museums and galleries. You could easily find Ireland teaching jobs with tutoring or mentoring students in schools and education programs. 

Galway. This harbour city and fourth most populous city is located in West Ireland. With its traditional Irish music and song traditions, it’s a city that is well-known for its “Irishness.” The vibrant-painted pubs, lively cafes, and street performers add to the artsy chic that complements the medieval town walls. Along the bridges over River Corrib, you’ll wrinkle your nose in delight to the aromas of the seafood of oysters and salmon. 

Killarney. This popular destination in southwest Ireland is home to the Torc Waterfall, the Lakes of Killarney, Purple Mountain, and more. Take a ride on a jaunting car (horse-drawn cart), celebrate a sporting event festival, shop for a soft-toy shillelagh, muse with the local folks over a pint, and explore the stunning Ross Castle. The woodlands and peaks make for a tranquil atmosphere for your teaching surroundings.

Types of Teaching Jobs in Ireland

In order to teach English in Ireland, teaching candidates will usually need a CELTA, TEFL, or TESOL certification. If you’re looking to teach in Ireland, you may be working with children, but also older adults who speak Irish as their first language. Here are some popular types of teaching jobs in Ireland. 

TEFL Ireland Programs. If you don’t currently have a certificate, you could find a program in Ireland that offers training for future ESL teachers. Even for those who don’t speak English as a native language, many of these programs offer ESL classes as well.

Host Family. You could also live with a host family while in Ireland to learn their native language (Gaelic or another language) while helping them to learn to speak English. If you’re a non-native English speaker, you could live with a host family and immerse yourself in the English language to help you become more fluent.

Schools & Nonprofit Organizations. Some teaching jobs in Ireland work with local educational facilities to place English teachers there to help with reading and literacy programs, mentor students, conduct life skills workshops, operate other educational programs, and teach other subjects besides English as well.

Teaching Salaries in Ireland

Ireland has a fairly high cost of living, especially in urban areas. While you can likely expect about 25 hours per week and earning between $16 to $27 per hour, which could mean about $1600 to $2700 a month, you’ll likely have to pay large income taxes on your earnings. Many programs also don’t offer the cost of international airfare and other travel costs, so you won’t be able to save a lot of money from teaching in Ireland.

Accommodations in Ireland

The housing could be hotel rooms or private rented accommodation such as shared housing, and the programs strive to make it within walking distance from the placement. In many cases, participants can live with a host family in a homestay placement, which is a great opportunity to minimize on housing costs, learn the customs and traditions of the country, explore unknown areas, and taste the local cuisines in an authentic manner.

Visas for Ireland

In order to do paid work or volunteer as a teacher in Ireland, foreign visitors must have a work visa. For those looking for teaching jobs in Ireland for Americans, a non-EEA (European Economic Area) applicant will first need to acquire an employment permit and then apply for the visa at the Irish Embassy or Consulate, which requires a passport, finished application, and proof of Irish employment. It can be quite a process but well worth it.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Local slang. You’ll still need to learn some slang, such as saying “grand” instead of fine or okay, and saying “going to the pictures” to mean going to see a movie.

Hospitality. The best thing to do in Ireland is to take a stroll through the countryside or to sit in a pub and have a friendly conversation with a local. The Irish are humble and do not like to rush; even eating on the go is considered rude.

From the dramatic coastlines and roaring waters, you’re sure to revere the sheer beauty when you’re teaching in Ireland.

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A Guide To
Teaching Abroad in Ireland


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