Overseas Nanny Jobs are the New Black

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How to become a nanny abroad 

You’ve dreamt of swimming in the Mediterranean, practicing your slurping with chopsticks technique, or walking through loud foreign markets. Your desire to snag a ticket and visa abroad is becoming more real as you are scouring the internet for overseas nanny jobs. Do you like kids and have a high school degree? Then you’re in. Becoming an au pair is a perfect opportunity to cross oceans and dive into some work experience abroad.

Not only will you be a newly adopted sib for a foreign family, but you will be able to learn a new language, cook local deliciousness, and get to play with kids who have the most adorable accents you’ve ever heard. International nanny agencies usually offer package deals that come with a slew of benefits for someone looking to nanny overseas. Are you ready to become a nanny overseas? Read on to get the inside deets on the job market for overseas nanny jobs.  

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One part nanny, one part best friend, one part tutor—that’s you! 

Overseas nanny jobs FAQs

What makes overseas nanny jobs so great?

Working as a nanny overseas will give you the ability to travel for your desired length of time without breaking the bank. Not only is nannying abroad such a unique experience, but the benefits of room, board, and a stipend will make it easy to live abroad at a very low cost. Most nanny overseas jobs have a minimum requirement of as little as a few weeks with the option to be extended for a longer period of time which can be as long as a year. Time will fly as you post up in a new city where the local kiddos will help you find new hidden gems to explore. It’s true. Coffee really does taste better when drinking it in Italy. Dumplings taste better in China. And mountains look mightier in New Zealand. 

Because everyone is connected through social media these days, it’s easy to find fellow au pairs or expats to help you through the process of living abroad. Link up with other nannies to compare and contrast your experiences and have an ongoing support system. Becoming part of a new family, helping immerse kids in the English language, and spending your weekends strolling abroad in an exciting new country will be an experience you won’t forget!

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Can I get nanny job abroad with no experience?

Although having experience working with kids is a definite plus, it is not always required for nanny jobs abroad. No experience, however, might make the process a little more intimidating. If your experience with children at the moment is zippo, then see if you can volunteer at an after-school program or babysit part time while planning your adventure abroad. Any bit of childcare experience that you can gain while working on the process to become a nanny overseas will give you a boost of confidence when being matched with a family.

With that said, the main requirements that families look for are fluency in English, a clean criminal background, basic overall health, a high school diploma, and full on commitment when it comes to living in a new country.

Woman holding sleeping child on boat

You’re on vacation, but you’re working, but still kind of on vacation? Incredible.

What should I look for in international nanny agencies?

Although all of the planning is exciting and you may want to go with the first  international nanny agency that responds to your email, make sure to do some research before you immediately get locked into a contract to become a nanny overseas. Tunnel vision happens when you heart is set on moving abroad which can make it easy to forget crucial info. Is there a minimum to the  length of stay? Do I get all of my meals for free? Do I have to scrub the toilets? It’s important to thoroughly know what you will be expected to give as well as what you will receive from programs while in the process of securing a nanny job.

Do not expect a full on salary. If you are looking for a job where you will provide you with disposable income, nannying overseas may not be the best fit. Think of it as a work and cultural exchange. You get some perks, but this is not going to make you rich. When researching nanny jobs abroad, no experience in the native language could make it more difficult. Are you ok with learning a new language or getting creative with your own sort of global sign language? Furthermore, make sure to read up on reviews from real nannies! This will give you the nitty gritty info that you really want when picking international nanny agencies.

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Are there any red flags I should be aware of before nannying overseas?

Make sure to thoroughly read through your contract before heading abroad. Although overseas nanny jobs are such a great way to get experience immersing yourself in a new country, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Make sure to know exactly what the families expectations for you are. How many hours are you required to work per week? Do you get time off on weekends? How often will you receive your stipend? Are you expected to provide some of your own meals?

Make sure to trust your gut. You don’t have to sign up with the first family that likes you. If you get any weird vibes you can move on to the next. Also, remember that you are going for the experience, not the money. Be realistic with your expectations and what you can offer the family. You don’t want to be told you will be in charge of two children and then arrive at your new home and realize that they actually meant two sets of TWINS?! Oops to the language barrier that is now giving you a panic attack. If possible, skype your host family before landing in their guest room. Also, check the cost of living in the city so that you can plan in advance on how much extra cash you should bring along. 

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Application tips for overseas nanny jobs

Now that you have decided that nannying overseas is a must, let’s charm the parents and give them the peace of mind that they are choosing the right candidate to become apart of their family. Likely, you will have a Skype interview and want to land a good first impression.

  • Post appropriate photos in your nanny profile. This will be the very first thing that they notice before having a chance to chat. It is important to look friendly and happy. Duck face - no.  
  • Make sure you know the goals of the family that you could potentially be nannying for. Do they want you to be their housekeeper? English tutor? Or just another adult presence who can teach their kid about a different culture?  
  • Ask questions. Show that you are interested and want to learn about their family and lives in a country other than your own. 
  • Relax, calm the nerves and stay cool. Make sure to come off enthusiastic. 
  • Have references available as those are usually a requirement as well.

Furthermore, keep your presence on the internet clean! Google is watching you. Always make sure your social media profiles are spick and span. You don’t want a host family from abroad creeping on your facebook profile only to see pictures of you looking not so nanny-ish. 

man holding child at beach in Biarritz

You get to play outside… professionally.

Bonus! Here are four recommended nanny programs abroad:

1. LoPair Au Pair in China

Become an adopted expat in a non-western country for three to twelve months. While you are tutoring your kiddos in English you will also be provided with Mandarin lessons. What better way to get introduced to the most spoken language in the world! Aside from working 30 hours a week, you will be able to explore the huge country of China.

man with little girl on his shoulders in orchard

You know all that fun touristy stuff you want to do? I bet your host kid will LOVE doing it with you.

2. GeoVisions around the world

With programs around the world and mainly in Europe, GeoVisions has you covered. They even offer a buddy system, so if you're nervous about your first solo stint abroad, then grab a friend interested in nannying overseas as well. It’s possible to be placed within the same area. Each country has different qualifications so click on the map on their website to get detailed information.

3. Smaller Earth in Spain

If looking to brush up on your Español, then work as a nanny in Spain. Staying for a while can give you a greater chance to explore a chunk of Europe. Some families even head out for their summer vacation and if you smile real nicely and say por favor, they may just bring you along.

4. InterExchange Au Pair in the USA

Get a visa and free round trip flight to nanny in the USA. The program benefits are amazing! You will be able to explore the Big Apple while meeting other au pairs at orientation. This program has monthly meetups for nannies abroad to get cultured. The US can be expensive, but nannying will be great if you are on a budget.

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woman playing with child in brazil

Hopefully fits of laughter will outnumber all other kinds of fits.

Overseas nanny jobs look good on you 😎

There you have it. Can you imagine yourself strolling through the park listening to the foreign languages buzz in your ears while soaking in the fresh or fishy smell of life abroad? Make a difference in a child’s life by becoming their foreign nanny. It’s an experience that not everyone can take advantage of, and if it’s right for you, you should make it happen. Be brave and get out the map and choose a location that is right for you!

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