4 Internships in Brazil to Fast Track Your Career

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Encompassing the vastness of the Amazon, the massiveness of Iguazu Falls, and the immenseness of the Pantanal wetlands, Brazil is a country of variety. From landscapes to music to people, diversity is a key ingredient in this South American giant. Its diversity doesn’t stop with culture and geography, however. Internships in Brazil also cover several different industries, giving you the opportunity to aproveitar everything this captivating country has to offer.

Looking to strengthen its workforce and grow its economy, Brazil is an ideal place for internships in Latin America. Become a crucial part of Brazilian intern culture while simultaneously jumpstarting your career rockin’ through an international internship in one of the following fields:

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The sun will never set on your career if you jump-start it with an internship in Brazil.


Diversify your work experience in Brazil by interning in medicine. You’ll come to understand the reality of Brazilian medicine and deal with populations with many different medical needs. Become acquainted with the public national health system, Sistema Único de Saúde constitutionalized in 1988, and the private system in Brazil. Get a critical look at how it has functioned countrywide, drastically differing between the northern and southern parts of the country.

Opt to do a tailor-made internship program with Intern Brazil, so your specific medical interests and skills can be taken into account. You could also pursue a medical internship in Maceió or São Paulo by observing medical procedures, doctor-patient relationships, and coming into contact with other students studying medicine and doing their rotations.

Some medical internships in Brazil even start off with a few weeks of Portuguese language courses; the better your language skills, the better your chance of being placed in your desired internship in Brazil. If your Portuguese skills are introductory, you’ll have to be a little bit more flexible with your placement.

Marketing & International Business

With an economy outweighing that of the rest of South America, Brazil has seen rapid economic advancement. Metropolitan areas house foreign and multinational companies, giving you tons of options to get started within the marketing or business fields.

Put your Portuguese and professional skills to the test in an international business or marketing internship in Brazil with Brazilian Experience, which can provide you with a customized placement in one of many Brazilian cities (Think Belo Horizonte, Salvador, São Paulo, Natal). You could even take advantage of a sports marketing internship, promoting a team or club’s marketing strategy across several platforms, within a country of die-hard sports made up of mostly fútbol fans.

man and woman with Brazilian flag
Interns in Brazil will discover a whole new country to call home.


In its development efforts, Brazil finds itself needing engineering solutions across several sectors: oil, gas, construction, urban development, automotive, and aerospace. The demand for engineering internships in Brazil is palpable, and thankfully, math is a universal language. See yourself supporting a company’s chemical, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering solutions amidst the emerging Brazilian market.

If Portuguese language acquisition is added cultural bonus for your desire to do an engineering internship, Nikitas Language Abroad Schools prep their interns with four weeks of Portuguese before entering your placement. No matter your field of interest, several programs offer personalized, just-for-you placements. Work with International Internships to match your interests with an opportunity to intern in Brazil.

Conservation & Marine Biology

Brazilian biodiversity is unmatched by any other country in the world, boasting the greatest collection of plant and animal species. During a marine science internship in Brazil, you could find yourself working alongside professionals in private companies, research institutions, and even nonprofit organizations. Brazil’s diverse ecosystems give you the chance to gain international fieldwork across rainforests, wetlands, coastal areas, savannas, and grasslands.

Institute for Global Studies offers both a marine science and a sea park internship in Brazil, giving you ample access to fieldwork and time alongside marine mammal species. You could also head to Ilha de Santa Catarina near Florianópolis to assist in the conservation of neotropical otters, assisting with research, behavioral studies, and breeding initiatives.

Iguazu falls, Brazil
With an emphasis on work-life balance, you’ll still get to go out and have real adventures interning in Brazil.

How to Be the Best Intern in Brazil

To get started on that fast track as an intern in Brazil, it’s best to know how Brazilians do business. Whichever field you choose to pursue for your internship in Brazil, knowing the cultural norms in the workplace is invaluable. You’ve gotta observe and understand how Brazilians work! We’ve compiled some know-before-you-go internship tips to keep in mind when you’re in the work mix in Brazil.

Be Social

Seriously, though: amp up the socializing. To gain one’s trust in Brazil is to get to know the people with whom you’re working. Social life is crucial. Personal connections and relationships are where it’s at. Join coffee breaks, accept lunchtime invitations, and jump in on conversations while interning in Brazil.

Not only will this make your time as an intern in Brazil much more successful and smooth, but building those strong connections in the workplace and networking your little bum off means you’ll have people to keep as references on future job applications. Make connections and seek out mentorship. It’s the gift that will keep on giving. Letters of recommendation are worth their weight in gold later on down the road.

Have a “Work-to-Live” Mentality

Prioritizing family and life outside work versus the other way around is how Brazilians view the whole work-life balance thing. Appreciating and enjoying work are important, and when you add in a little socializing, working to live is incrível (incredible)! Embrace this mentality and you’ll gain more well-rounded work experience in Brazil. This is great news for adventurous interns looking to get out there and explore everything this beautiful country has to offer. Take advantage of this emphasis on work-life balance; you might not always be so lucky in our work-work-work-work-and-work-some-more world.

Seascape Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brazil is ideal for internships in Latin America.

Forget That “Time is Money”

This is a cultural aspect that crosses borders. Interns in Latin America can all attest to the loose interpretation of time throughout the region. Scheduling in some extra time around group tasks and meetings wouldn’t hurt while you’re interning in Brazil; but it could never hurt, right? Brazilian work culture doesn’t necessarily accept the concept that “time is money.” There’s a more laidback and free flowing approach to time. Be open to this time difference, so to speak, and you’ll adapt to that #internlife in Brazil quickly.

Now that you’re prepped on Brazilian work culture, you’re ready to grab an international internship and gain valuable work experience in Brazil; seriously, an internship in Brazil will enhance your résumé. Gain cross-cultural skills in a country of rhythm, adventure, and unbelievable cities, beaches, and rainforests as an intern in Brazil. Compare programs and read reviews with myGoAbroad to find your ideal internship in Brazil. Now, bora (let’s go)!

What are you waiting for? Find an internship in Brazil now!

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