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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Nice

Historically one of the most sought after vacation destinations in all of Europe, the charming city of Nice, located on the French Riviera, is a dream location to teach English abroad. While teaching in Nice, you can soak in the Mediterranean lifestyle and appreciate the finest of the French culture while interacting with locals. From the sprawling coastline to the city squares, Nice offers the perfect backdrop for an international teaching career.

Teaching Jobs in Nice

Most teaching jobs in Nice are in teaching English as a second language. French citizens lag behind most of Europe in their English language proficiency, so ESL teachers are highly sought after in educational institutions throughout the city. Language schools are the easiest places to English teaching jobs in Nice, but there are also openings working in business settings and with younger children in primary schools. Conducting private English lessons on the side is a great way to pick up some extra spending money as well.

Most French schools will want to interview you in person for English teaching jobs in Nice, so the best way to go about securing a job is to arrive in Nice in June or July and actively looking for work for the upcoming school year. There are typically many English teaching jobs in Nice because employment tends to be cyclical.

Most teaching jobs in Nice last a full year, at which point the visa situation will complicate further employment for teachers from outside the EU (working visas are difficult to obtain in France, so many organizations will decide to employ you under a temporary tourist or student visa instead).

Employers will typically expect you to possesses a college degree and a TEFL certificate in order to teach English in Nice. While it is possible for foreigners to find full time employment teaching subjects other than English in Nice, it is rare, since these positions are typically held for French nationals only. Your employment prospects in Nice increase if you are from a EU member state and can demonstrate fluency in French.

Life in Nice

While the metropolitan area of Nice is now home to over 1 million inhabitants, the city maintains a rustic aesthetic that reminds visitors of simpler times (the first known human remains found in Nice actually date back 400,000 years – it is safe to say the city has progressed significantly since then). Over the centuries Nice has inspired some of the world’s greatest artists, thinkers, and other cultural icons with its pristine beauty. Taking a long seaside walk on the Promenade des Anglais or relaxing with a cappuccino on the Place Massena are nice ways to wind down and enjoy the city’s charm.

Nice does get quite busy in the summertime, as it has always been one of the most popular vacation destinations in France. Some of the the city’s more well known plazas and attractions can become very crowded with tourists, so it might be a good idea to scout out some cool unknown spots during the offseason. Also, take language classes and learn to speak French! While it is possible to edge by in everyday life communicating in English, if you truly want to immerse yourself into the culture while teaching in Nice then speaking the local language is a necessity.

Salary & Costs

Nice is an expensive location to teach abroad in France, because it is such a popular tourist destination. Learning to stay away from tourist traps and eating and shopping locally are good ways to conserve your budget. If teaching in Nice at a language academy, then you will likely make between 1,000 and 2,000 Euros a month depending on how many hours you work. Working in a business environment or tutoring privately tends to pay better by the hour, although this type of employment is also less stable.

Accommodation & Visas

If you move to France before finding a teaching job in France, then paying for room and board at a hostel is usually the most practical way to accommodate yourself at first. After securing a teaching job in Nice, consider renting out a single room in an apartment or finding a small studio flat. Real estate can be quite expensive in the city’s central areas so you can save a lot of money by living closer to the suburbs. Talk you your employer about good places to live on a teacher’s salary, while taking into account the type of neighborhood and proximity to the school where you will be working.

Teachers coming from the European Union will not have to secure a visa to teach abroad in Nice because of European labor laws. Those coming from other parts of the world face a tricky situation, as it can be quite difficult to gain approval for a French working visa. Many employers will instead hire you under the pretenses of a different type of visa, such as a tourist or student visa. Consult your host school about which visa you will be using to teach in Nice.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

If living on the French Riviera in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities sounds at all appealing, than teaching abroad in Nice can be the perfect way to turn your expat fantasy into a reality. While adjusting to a whole new culture and way of life can be challenging, the personal and professional rewards of teaching in Nice are completely worth the venture. There are many teaching jobs available throughout the city, and if you fully dedicate yourself to finding employment then expat life in Nice can be just around the corner.

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