Nomadic Experience in Mongolia with Projects Abroad
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Nomadic Experience in Mongolia with Projects Abroad

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Mongolian nomad project: Incredible

Projects Abroad has been beyond incredible in making this the trip of a lifetime. I decided to go to Mongolia and live with nomads for a week out on the steppe. Although I did want to stay for longer, I am beyond thankful for the experience I was able to have. Being 16 years old- one of the youngest to go out and live with a family, my family had reservations about how safe I would be. I went with a friend from the states, and Projects Abroad made sure that our accommodation was together. The whole time we were organizing it, it was very personalized and they made sure to follow up on even the smallest question or request. My organizer, Zulaa- picked us up at the airport and made sure to make our entry into Mongolia one to remember. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and the most hospitable, generous, and caring. All the staff I met were genuinely concerned with our well being, and very open to suggestions, questions, and ideas. The company has wonderful roots in all nations where it offers projects. Their ability to connect with volunteers through wonderful staff make the experience very personal and memorable.
The nomad project is incredible- you are truly able to connect with yourself and experience a life which you would never be able to in the United States. Although for many it is tough to not bathe on the daily, eat a freshly slaughtered goat, and use the bathroom in the bushes, I thought that these events were what made the experience perfect. You must be open to change, new things, and positive to be able to survive out on the steppe- because after some time, you will realize that the everyday things we use are not really necessities. You are much more aware of what you have when you come back, and nothing should be truly taken for granted.
My nomadic family was beyond perfect. They had two children who were very close in age to my friend and I- which made every day so much fun. It was very easy to connect with them despite the language barrier. I got to experience things that I would never have been able to before, and became aware about the world and how not living the “American Dream” is not necessarily a bad thing. Please, if you are considering going to Mongolia- do it. It will a choice that you will not regret.

  • Projects Abroad responded to this review September 25, 2017 at 5:07 PM

    Dear Anya. What an amazing experience you had in Mongolia! We are sure these are memories you and your friend will treasure for the rest of your life. Indeed, living the Nomadic lifestyle is very different from the Western life we are often so used to, which makes it all the better to step out of it and gain a whole new perspective. Thank you for sharing!

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