Building in Nepal with Projects Abroad
Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students

Building in Nepal with Projects Abroad

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Such amazing work

When I first signed up for a trip through Projects Abroad, I was set to spend 7 weeks doing a nursing project. One month before I was supposed to leave, however, Nepal was hit with this horrible earthquake. Projects Abroad helped work with me to make a decision as to how my trip would be altered by this disaster, and in the end I ended up splitting up my time so I would spend my last 3 weeks doing the Disaster Relief Project.
I spent my time in Kathmandu living in a guest house with around 20 other volunteers. My room was shared with three other volunteers, and our floor (with room for 12 people) shared one bathroom. The house was very crowded, but it was really great getting to know all of the volunteers so well, and it gave you a great way to make some amazing friends with people from all over the world. Our host family would make us breakfast and dinner every day, and all of the volunteers would squeeze into one of the three tables in the house and eat together.
Every morning, all of the volunteers would head out in our work clothes, boots, and gloves, to a small group of vans that would take us to our work site. We spent our time building a school, replacing one that had been completely destroyed in the earthquake. Work consisted of building brick foundations and walls, mixing cement, painting, digging trenches, laying flooring, passing buckets of sand, dirt, and bricks, along with other tasks. It's monsoon season in Nepal, so the site was often muddy and wet, but we all made the most of it and had fun with it. The Projects Abroad staff were always on site, helping us out with work, organizing weekend trips, and making sure everyone was comfortable and happy with their trip so far.
Thursdays and Fridays of every week we got to participate in care projects in one of three sites - a children's HIV center, malnutrition/earthquake victim center, or a school - where volunteers would get to go do activities and play with children. It's so much fun being able to go be with these kids, and it's a great break from the hard work on the site.
The Projects Abroad staff would organize trips for volunteers to the two main tourist sites in Nepal, Pokhara and Chitwan National Park, each weekend. In addition, many volunteers would stay right in Kathmandu as well, as there is so much to do and see right in the city. Weekends were such a great time to relax and see the country, as well as spend time with all of the friends you make through all of the time spent together throughout the week
Projects Abroad has created such a meaningful project in Kathmandu, doing such great work in wake of the earthquake. It's amazing watching the progress that is completed, even in just the three weeks I was there. The project is really very organized and going very well, especially for having been put together and started so quickly after the disaster hit. It is really an amazing way to make a difference over in Nepal, and Projects Abroad supports you 100% through it all.

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