Teaching and Assisting in Schools in Nepal
Love Volunteers participant with two local kids Love Volunteers participant with two local kids

Teaching and Assisting in Schools in Nepal

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Volunteering in Nepal was a really exciting experience.

As it was my first volunteering experience and also my first trip to Asia, it was also quite challenging.

I loved the Nepali people and meeting the other volunteers, they were all so lovely! I unfortunately got sick after few days, but everyone was very nice and looked after me until I felt better. The kids were cute, friendly, polite and interested about many things. They were very grateful and excited about the candies and balloons we bought them :) We could see how little things can make them smile.

Together with other volunteers we had opportunity to participate in the Holi festival. I have never seen so many people together! I enjoyed the atmosphere a lot, especially as I think it could never happen in my country of Slovakia, where people tend to get aggressive and rude very fast.

The Nepalese people are generally very kind and respecting of each other, and everything they did was full of this respect. I found them to be very balanced, friendly, connected to each other and also to life itself. I felt there like I was at home, very natural. Even if it's a poorer country than mine, I would exchange our wealth for their inner peace. It was so great! I could see that there is no need to have many things around to be happy. And definitely not for playing with children, if love and will is there. Everything else is just bonus. Drawing pictures on their hands was exciting enough! So much joy from one picture of butterfly!

I am looking forward to my next volunteer trip. Thank you Love Volunteers!

  • Love Volunteers responded to this review April 28, 2016 at 6:01 PM

    Dear Lukas,
    Wow, what a wonderful picture you give us of volunteering in Nepal - thank-you so much.
    It's great to hear that, even when you were sick, the hospitality of the wonderful local people made you feel safe and comfortable.
    Isn't it so refreshing to see that what we consider necessities are actually luxuries? And that happiness is not dependent on circumstances or things but rather a frame of mind.
    Reading reviews such as yours and knowing that you will take this change of perspective home with you to enrich your family and friends is one of the things I love about being part of Love Volunteers.
    Thanks so much and all the very best for the future.
    The Team @ Love Volunteers