Sarah Braithwaite - 2013 Program Participant

Hugging a Lion

Sarah hugging a lion--the coolest experience!

Why did you choose to study abroad in Buenos Aires of all places?

I chose to study abroad in Buenos Aires because I wanted to improve my Spanish, but also to have a unique study abroad experience in comparison to my peers. While Buenos Aires is becoming a more common destination, I wanted to go somewhere other than Europe (although I'm sure it's great there too!) and I'm so glad I did. Buenos Aires is such an amazing city with influences from all over the world.

What were your living arrangements like during your program in Argentina?

I lived in a homestay with an amazing host mom who I still keep in touch with. I had my own room, but shared a bathroom with another American student. Everything about my home stay experience in Buenos Aires was so great. Our host mom made meals for us and was always ready to help us plan trips or give us fun ideas for things to do in Buenos Aires!

Why would you go back to Buenos Aires if you had the chance?

The top reason I would like to return to Buenos Aires would be to see all of the people I met again. I met amazing people (Americans, Argentines, and people from all over South America and the world) who changed my life for the better. I would love to see them again because they became a huge part of who I am today. I would also like to revisit all of my favorite places around Buenos Aires.

Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina. Photo credit to Sarah Braithwaite

How has your time in Argentina impacted your life?

My time abroad has impacted my life not only because of the amazing people I met and who will continue to be in my life, but because I learned so many valuable lessons. I learned to laugh at myself, to make mistakes, and to unapologetically be myself. Living outside of my comfort zone (in a different culture, with a different language, without any of my normalities) did this for me.

Would you recommend IES Abroad’s Argentina program to aspiring study abroad students?

I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone!! Apart from Buenos Aires being an incredible city (and Argentina a beautiful country) the IES Abroad staff were SO wonderful. They were always there to help us and give us suggestions, and we had so much fun with them!

If you could study abroad again, where would you go?

If I could study abroad again, I think I would go back to Argentina! It is such an amazing place, and there are so many parts I have yet to see, and so many things I have yet to experience. I would also like to return in order to do more traveling around South America. 

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, Sarah’s first trip outside Argentina. Photo credit to Sarah Braithwaite