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Emily Humphreys - Work & Travel Specialist

Emily Humphreys - Work & Travel Specialist

Emily is obsessed with the Spanish language and hopes to visit every Spanish speaking country in the world by the age of 30. After spending three months traveling through South America, Emily joined the PremierTEFL team to feed her desire to inspire others to become TEFL certified so they too can travel the world. Emily is an advocate for solo travel and a lover of cats, but she still believes that life is more fun with a friend by your side. She brings a fresh perspective on travel to the PremierTEFL team.

You recently joined the PreimierTEFL team. What attracted you to the organization?

The world of TEFL is full of exciting opportunities to travel and experience new cultures, and I wanted to be able to promote this to people looking for new challenges and adventures. I myself made use of TEFL while living in Spain, so I know first hand of the doors it can open and how enriching it can be. PremierTEFL is a young and thriving company with a 5-star name in the TEFL industry, so it is quite obvious why I wanted to get involved!

Girl holding an Irish glad at the salt flats in Bolivia
Representing my beloved Ireland at the salt flats in Bolivia!

Why do you think PremierTEFL is different than other TEFL program providers?

Keeping it simple PremierTEFL is a company set up by people who have been TEFL teachers themselves, are so in love with this profession, care about having once in a lifetime opportunities, and whose main purpose is not just making a profit!

How does PremierTEFL compare to your own TEFL certification program?

I actually completed my TEFL with a company run previously by my current management. The course itself was very comprehensive and gave me strong teaching skills, which I brought straight into my lessons. PremierTEFL offers well thought out and structured courses which are prepare teachers to teach English in any non-native English speaking country.

Completing a TEFL course is the first step, but becoming a great TEFL teacher is accomplished through live teaching practice, and the internships and jobs offered by PremierTEFL give every teacher this opportunity.  
Girl drinking out of a coconut in Brazil
Drinking coconuts in Brazil

You only recently returned from teaching and traveling in South America. How do you use this experience in your current role?

I can empathise with people who want to make the jump and travel, because I have been in that boat so many times. Honest and real advice is what matters, so that is what I bring across whilst working with our teachers!

What did you like most about teaching abroad?

Seeing the improvement in my students standard of English, and knowing that I helped in their motivation and performance. I also formed some really lovely friendships with my students some of whom I am still in touch with!

What does a typical day of work look like for you at PremierTEFL?

In between making tea and munching on Lindt chocolate, I deal with inquiries, promote the brand online, speak directly with applicants, keep in contact with affiliates, and have loads of fun!

People playing bongo drums in Madrid, Spain
Playing bongo drums with other TEFL teachers in Madrid!

Do you have any insider tips that you’d like to share with participants pre-departure?

Buy a nice travel journal before departure and be disciplined filling it in throughout your time abroad!

Based on your own experience, what is the most important characteristic of a successful TEFL teacher?


Why do you think TEFL certification is more valuable than ever before?

It opens so many doors to people with a fluent or native grasp of English, and it is a lifetime qualification, meaning you will never be too old to travel the world.

Emily Humphreys at her desk in the PremierTEFL office in Ireland
Working away in the office

How do you hope to help with the continued growth of PremierTEFL in 2017?

Through following the amazing leadership of my managers and colleagues, keeping up to date with the TEFL world, maintaining the 5-star service we offer to teachers, and always seeking new job opportunities in the hundreds of countries that don’t natively speak English.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Helping tailor the travel plans of the teachers who qualify with us. Their own excitement rubs off and I feel as if I join them on their own adventures.