8 Best English Teaching Jobs in South Korea in 2018-2019

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K-Pop hop on the teach abroad bandwagon with programs for teaching English in South Korea. Between skyscrapers, hard working students, colorful temples, and bountiful bibambap, it can be hard to imagine your time abroad in Korea as anything but amazing.

Sunset in Andong, South Korea

The skies of South Korea are opening up for your arrival!

But don’t be fooled. Some programs and agencies won’t have your best interests in mind 😬, and will fail to be there for you if you hit some rough patches while abroad (like missed paychecks or getting locked out of your apartment in the middle of the night!). Think of your program selection not only as an investment in your safety, convenience, job satisfaction, and learning, but also as the organization you’ll look back on someday and think, “Teaching abroad in South Korea was best choice I ever made.” Even though South Korea is one of the best teaching destinations in Asia in 2018, you have to take your teach abroad plans a step further and figure out who you’re going to trust to coordinate the details.

Choosing between schools and programs to teach abroad in South Korea is a big decision. Since we’re on YOUR team, we wanted to make your decision process a little easier for you (so you don’t get stuck half the world away and wanting to go home!). Here are the best South Korea teach abroad programs in 2018 according to our community of intrepid, meaningful travelers—just like you.

What makes the “best” teach abroad programs in South Korea?

Half of the fun of choosing to teach abroad is picking out the program that fits you! It’s like you’re in a huge department store and you can’t help but love the amount of options right at your fingertips. When you finally figure out that those English teaching jobs in South Korea are for you, then you must get down to the nitty gritty of what you want to experience. Not your friends; not your family; not your friends family; but YOU! Your needs, opinions, and goals may very well vary from your friends who’ve gone before you or even those who’ve left reviews of programs online. How about we help you out a bit? Here’s how to actually pick a teach abroad program if you want a shortcut, and while doing so, pay attention to these few insider tips:

  • Get the down-low on others experiences. How so? Let’s start with reviews and ratings! What have alumni said?  Did they have a good experience? Don’t forget about you inner snowflake though and remember what YOU are personally in search for! Always take into account what you think is important when doing research on english teaching jobs in South Korea.
  • The ease of finding information. Going on a wild goose chase just to find out a simple detail may mean there could be something fishy going on. Make sure you can find a program that has lots of details.  If they don’t have an answer directly on their site then…
  • Make sure support and assistance are available. If you have a question, is the organization willing to go above and beyond to answer you back promptly and give you all the information you need? What is their support like on the ground?
  • Organizational friendships—or what most organizations call them: partnerships. If they’re in a nationally or internationally recognized organization, this can be a good sign they’re legit.
  • Resources for alumni—so you are able to get a nice push in the right direction after your first teaching experience.
  • Last but not least, a demonstrable respect for local culture. You want to make sure that who you are working with have similar values and travel philosophies as you. Respect for the environment, individuals, and the cultural differences that may arise in the workplace is key! 

GoAbroad’s 2018 round-up

ITA logo

1. ITA - Teach English in South Korea—9.0 Rating 

“...I took the course and gained a lot of information and knowledge that I wouldn't have survived my first couple of months teaching in South Korea without. Because of the alumni connections- I met some of my now best friends before ever heading out on my adventure. They were amazing and our bond in this crazy new time was just what I needed.” — International TEFL Academy alum

  • Where?: Throughout South Korea
  • When?: Year Round
  • Why?: International TEFL Academy offers the gold standard in TEFL certification for teaching English abroad. They are proud to offer you the finest internationally accredited TEFL-classes, expert staff and instructors, as well as lifetime job search guidance -- time to back your books and bags!
  • More program info
i-to-i logo

2. i-to-i TEFL - Get Paid to Teach English in South Korea—10.0 Rating

“Everyone is very helpful and everything is very well organized. Seville is an amazing city and CIEE makes sure we get the best experience possible. We are fully immersed in the culture and I've never felt more comfortable in a foreign country. This is definitely the best summer of my life!” — i-to-i TEFL alum

  • Where?: Busan, Daegu, Seoul, Ulsan, Yeongju
  • When?: Year Round
  • Why?: To make teaching abroad straightforward and accessible – to push you, to inspire you, to offer our support – and to take you places you never imagined possible. i-to-i TEFL the world bigger and smaller, all at the same time. Traveling the world has never been easier. With the experience, the global reputation, and the courses employers recognize and respect, you'll be teaching in no time. Let your secret weapon be knowledgeable and teach english in South Korea!
  • More program info
TravelBud logo

3. TravelBud - Paid Teaching Jobs in South Korea—8.3 Rating 

“Travelbud and their partners firstly offered great advice in the initial stages but once I had decided my location and timing they were quick to get me set up with interviews. They offer you detailed assistance at every step of the way and are always quick to respond to queries. The school which they set me up with is awesome and I have been enjoying every minute of the experience so far. I would certainly recommend using Travelbud's services.” — TravelBud alum

  • Where?: Busan, Cheongju, Daejeon, Daejon, Dong-hae city, Gangwon, Gwang Ju, Gyeong Ju, Gyeong Nam, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Jeju City, Jeonju, Sacheon, Seoul, Suncheon, Yangsan, Yeongju
  • When?: Year Round
  • Why?:South Korea is the perfect Teach Abroad destination for those looking to move to a vibrant first world country with a high earning potential and an opportunity to gain invaluable international teaching experience. Choosing to teach abroad with TravelBud you'll get great benefits like high pay, free accommodation, and flight reimbursement. Also, receive thorough pre-departure support to guide your job and visa application process.
  • More program info
Korean Horizons logo

4. Korean Horizons - Public Schools in South Korea —10.0 Rating

“First I'd like to thank Alistair for making this entire process as less stressful as possible. I believe if I hadn't applied through Korean Horizons I would have been feeling a lot more stressed and lost. Alistair was there for me from the beginning and answered any questions I had, he was always patient and appeared to always be on top of his game. In the beginning, I thought I was the only one he was dealing with, little did I know that there was a whole bunch of people he was dealing with, that is how effective and reliable he is. I am happy with where I have been placed and I am completely in love with my school. I am forever grateful to Alistair for helping me achieve my dream to come to South Korea.” — Korean Horizons alum

  • Where?: Throughout South Korea
  • When?: Year Round
  • Why?: With the help of amazing recruiters, you will be sure to have the time of your life teaching in South Korea. From the very beginning you will feel a sense of security knowing that Korean Horizons has got your back through the whole process. Hop across the world to your new home and get hot for teaching!
  • More program info
Greenheart Travel logo

5. Greenheart Travel - Teach English in South Korea—9.0 Rating

“Greenheart Travel's values are really at the centre of this programme and for whatever reason you decide to be part of the programme I think you should always consider this. The most valuable thing that I have gained from the experience is the sense of the world coming a little bit closer together. People from different backgrounds sharing moments, knowledge and love to grow as both individuals but also as a world together. The programme is really excellent... ” — Greenheart Travel alum

  • Where?: Gyeonggi
  • When?: Spring
  • Why?: Greenheart Travel has been a catalyst for global transformation through the facilitation of cultural exchange programs, eco-fair trade purchasing, personal development opportunities, volunteer service initiatives, and environmental advocacy projects. Their mission of connecting people and planet to create global leaders drives all that they do. With an ardent commitment to sustainable practices, a steadfast dedication to expanding worldviews, and an abiding passion for planetary change, we are guided by our vision of a united and flourishing global family. With high salaries, free housing, and so much more, why not go Greenheart?
  • More program info
Travel and Teach Recruiting logo

6. Travel and Teach Recruiting - Teach English in Korea—9.8 Rating

“Since arriving I have gone from never having taught in a classroom as a paid position, to being completely comfortable following a curriculum and supplementing materials to make a meaningful learning experience for students. I have met lots of other international teachers and begun making Korean friends too. I have travelled to various parts of Korea during my weekends and gotten to know my new neighbourhood as well. Travel and Teach Recruiting helped me find a placement without any concern of whether I would be paid on time, would have suitable living accommodations, and would be teaching for a reputable company...They hooked it uuuuuup!!! Thanks to Shane, Niko, Jin and the rest of the T&T team! Dy-no-mite!” — Travel and Teach Recruiting alum

  • Where?: Busan, Daegu, Seoul
  • When?: Year Round
  • Why?: Travel and Teach has been successfully placing open-minded people in teaching positions in our great schools in cities all over Korea. Not only will you have an experience of a lifetime, but you will also make - and save - plenty of money in Korea. The cost of living is very inexpensive and taxes are extremely low. This combined with 24/7 visa support and a rent-free apartment allows you to save most of your income so that you can travel further, and experience all that Asia has to offer! How’s that for fancy livin’?
  • More program info
Xplore Asia logo

7. Xplore Asia - Teach South Korea Program—9.4 Rating

“Xplore Asia provided the reassure that when I arrived in South Korea I would have a job and a place to live. That guarantee as well as their guidance to gather all of the appropriate paperwork was exactly what I needed to feel secure in my decision to live abroad. I want to thank Xplore Asia for giving me the confidence to know I had done everything to make the transition to teach in South Korea a smooth one.” — Xplore Asia alum

  • Where?: Seoul
  • When?: Year Round; 1-2 Years Long
  • Why?: Create a “family”, career, and life all your own when you go teach English in South Korea. With Xplore Asia’s South Korea Program, you will get to fully prepare yourself for the life in the classroom with an internationally known TESOL course! Beyond that, you also get flight reimbursement, paid holidays, end of contract bonuses, and who could get forget the most important part...cultural immersion! Living in a super cool country can be as easy as the A, B, C’s you’ll be teaching!
  • More program info
Adventure Teaching logo

8. Adventure Teaching - Teach in Asia—8.0 Rating

“The program had no hidden fees like some recruiting agencies charge nor was the application difficult or lengthy. The staff always went above and beyond to answer my questions and to help with the paperwork that was involved. I almost miss the fun emails in my inbox from them, always knowing each one was a step closer to leaving for Seoul. I am now about two months into my journey in South Korea and they still check in with me to see how things are going with my school and living situation. I am 1000% pleased with the company and have even considered possibly applying to work with them when my travels are over to help other prospective teachers experience something as amazing as teaching overseas.” — Adventure Teaching alum

  • Where?: Anyang, Busan, Cheongju, Daegu, Daejeon, Gangwon, Guri, Incheon, Jeju City, Jeonju, Mokpo, Seoul, Suwon, Yeongju
  • When?: Year Round; 1+ Years Long
  • Why?: If you haven’t been hooked on English teaching jobs in South Korea yet, then you will be now.  With 10+ cities to choose from and a chance to live and teach for years, the adventure may never end...if you want it to be so! It’s your chance to impact the lives of children, while they impact yours at the same time.
  • More program info

Check Out More Teach Abroad Programs in South Korea

More resources for teach abroad in South Korea

We’re hoping some of these programs have you sign, sealed, and ready to deliver! However, if none of these programs are quite what you’re looking for, take a gander through our entire South Korea teach abroad program directory. There are filters up the wazoo, allowing you to really get down the the nitty gritty and find the program that you’ve been longing for.

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Teaching in South Korea is the coolest thing you could possibly do...SWAG.

Overwhelmed by the options? We get it. Our Online Advisors are here to save the day. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll do your homework for you / send you a handful of specific recommendations to your preferences. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Pro tip: One of the most important steps to figuring out which teach abroad programs in South Korea are right for you—that many students unfortunately skip—is identifying your WHY(s). Why are you teaching abroad? Why teach abroad in South Korea in the first place? To learn and get more familiar with the language, to travel far and wide, to make buddies from all over the world, to get a more international perspective? Set goals, then use them to influence the South Korea teach abroad programs you’re thinking about.

And last but not least, since we all know teaching abroad comes at a cost, we put together this guide of how to pay for teach abroad. Scholarships, side hustles, and fundraising to the rescue! Don’t forget that a good ol’ fashioned piggy bank wouldn’t hurt either. 

Teach abroad in South Korea in 2018-2019!

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Teaching Jobs in South Korea...Everywhere!

*Sigh of Relief* Can you see it? Teach abroad Korea! South Korea. A country full of culture, great cuisine, and kiddos (and business professionals) willing to learn! Choosing to teach abroad not only opens up the eyes of your soon to be students, if also opens up your eyes and SO many doors for YOU! So why wait? 2018 is your year! You will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Let get crackin’, “teach!”

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