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Some of the friendliest people worldwide, over 100 beaches, nearly 300 days of sunshine, a “no worries mate” laid-back vibe, and an abundance of adrenaline-inducing activities, these are just a few of the reasons thousands of students choose to study abroad in Sydney, Australia. With the world’s 13th largest economy, a population of four million, and an eclectic population represented by over 180 different nations and more than 140 languages, Sydney offers countless study abroad programs for students in Australia’s oldest and largest city.

There are a handful of top-notch universities in Sydney, and multiple study abroad program providers, so students can find something for nearly any major, all the way from accounting to pre-med.

So how do you know what subjects to study in Sydney to get the most out of your experience? Check out this list of the top four subjects for Sydney study abroad to get your started. Pick the one that best matches your needs, wants, and goals, and apply!

1. Arts & Humanities

aboriginal art
Discover aboriginal art and deepen your understandings of indigenous rights while you study in Sydney

Home to more museums, galleries, venues, and events than can be kept track of, arts and humanities students will gain inspiration from every inch of this vibrant and historic city.

The University of Sydney was founded in 1850, earning the title of Australia’s first university. It is internationally recognized for its reputation of excellence and community engagement, in part as a result of it’s emphasis on field-based learning. The university specifically excels in humanities teaching and research, and has been included on numerous lists of top universities in the world.

Students passionate about the arts, specifically music, will likewise thrive at the University of Sydney, by taking advantage of their Conservatorium of Music. This multimillion-dollar campus is located near the Sydney Opera House and contains an astounding 53 teaching studios, 63 practice rooms, over 140 pianos, and not one but two recital halls. The University of Sydney even conveniently partners with several universities worldwide, such as Arcadia University, as well as many study abroad organizations that offer programs to students regardless of their home institution.

Top arts and humanities course options for in Sydney:

Students may choose to study a variety of subjects under the umbrella of arts and humanities at the University of Sydney, but the following are some of the top course options to consider.

  • Analysis of Music
  • Australian Studies
  • Language & Culture
  • Music Technology

More recommended arts and humanities programs in Sydney:

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2. Biology

koala napping
You don't have to sacrifice proximity to epic nature when you study biology in Sydney

Despite being the most populous city in Australia, the numerous natural wonders that call Sydney home will leave biology students in a euphoric state. Surrounded by coastal beaches, national parks, and the native bush wildlife, students will receive a hands-on education living among some of the world’s wildest and most unique creatures. Sydney itself boasts it’s own botanic gardens and the Taronga Zoo and is located within reach of pristine destinations, including the Great Barrier Reef and the Blue Mountain.

Students may choose from several biology study abroad program in Sydney and take classes at, or directly enroll in, Sydney’s very own innovative and top-notch universities, such as Macquarie University and the University of New South Wales.

Top biology course options for study abroad Sydney:

Students may choose from a full-spectrum of science classes offered in Sydney, but biology students specifically will benefit from any of the following options.

  • Biodiversity & Conservation
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biological Chemistry
  • Biotechnology

More recommended biology programs in Sydney:

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3. Sports & Physical Education

woman rock climbing indoors
One thing is true: Aussies value fitness. Take courses on sports & PE while studying in Sydney!

Sydney is an active place to live, and students will find there are plenty of things to do to keep them busy. The city is also quite health conscious, and sports fans are not scarce either. International students pursuing degrees in sports science or physical education will find several universities and institutions are ideal locations for study abroad in Sydney.

One especially enticing option for study abroad in Sydney is the Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE). Host of the 2000 summer Olympic games and home to several world class sports facilities, ACPE remains a leading provider of innovative sport, physical activity, and health education. ACPE offers over 70 semester, trimester, and year-long courses to international students who want to study abroad in Sydney.

Top sports and PE course options in Sydney:

Some of the best sports and physical education courses in Sydney cover the following subjects.

  • Sports Media Management
  • Applied Exercise Physiology
  • Coaching
  • Physical Education Teaching Instruction
  • Fitness Industry Trends & Issues

More recommended sports and PE programs in Sydney:

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4. Business 

Yup, you can even find business courses in Sydney. Students interested in management, especially those with an interest in international business and marketing side of the field, will benefit greatly from the diverse environment of Sydney (and, of course, the view of the Sydney Harbour won’t hurt either). Additionally, students can easily gain valuable work experience while studying abroad in Sydney, thanks to convenient working-student visa policies, which will take their international experience to the next level.

With classes only taught by instructors with professional real-world industry, the International College of Management in Sydney is a private business school held in high regard by industry professionals locally and internationally. ICMS even maintains exchange programs with multiple foreign universities, making it even easier for international students to study abroad in Sydney.

Top business course options in Sydney:

Students with a passion for management can enjoy specialized courses in the following areas.

  • Business
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Event Management

More recommended management programs in Sydney:

Next steps to studying abroad in Sydney 🎉 

Now that you know exactly what you want to study in Sydney and are eager to get your paws on some kangaroos, it’s time to get moving on organizing your study abroad program. We know you don’t want extra homework, but this reading list will take you from submitting your application to printing your boarding pass in no time.

  1. Pick a program. It can be easy peasy: How to pick the RIGHT program abroad for you
  2. Figure out how to pay for it. We <3 study abroad scholarships
  3. Choose your accommodations. Study abroad housing: is one better than another?
  4. Coordinate the remaining bits & bobs. Your “OMG I Just Found the Perfect Program Abroad” 10-Step Action Plan
  5. Get ready for a great adventure. Study Abroad 101: What to know as a first timer

You'll be hopping alongside those kangaroos and studying in Sydney before you know it!

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people swimming in turquoise water
Spend your weekends exploring Australia's amazing (and practically endless) coast

It's clear that the right choice for your future is to take some time away from your humdrum life back home in search of a kickass academic experience in the land down under. Don't delay — try on Sydney for a semester or summer abroad. You won't just come back with tan lines and Tim Tams; you'll return a new person, with clear goals and a more nuanced understanding of the world at large and YOUR place in it.

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