Top 6 Fall Study Abroad Programs for 2018

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How many times have you heard, “Plan ahead, don’t wait until the last minute!” Pish posh. It turns out that some things are just better left to the last minute: game-winning shots, impulse lip balm purchases, trading in a home cooked dinner for take out pizza, and…(sometimes) signing up for a fall study abroad program in 2018.

If your feet are dragging heavily with disinterest when you think about going back to your university campus this fall, you are in luck. You do not have to go! In fact, you can extend your summer of adventure and study abroad for the fall semester instead.

Amazing fall study abroad programs to dig into

Don’t believe us? Check out these awesome fall study abroad programs that are still accepting applicants for 2018.

1. Enroll in The American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦

Lucky attendees of this program in beautiful Sarajevo will study subjects such as economics, information technologies, and engineering. When you’re not hitting the books and earning credits like a madman, you can explore the picturesque Miljacka River and Dinaric Alps in your backyard. For a more cultural experience, students can practice their Slavish accents while bartering at the popular Baščaršija bazaar. 

Put study abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the map, and then watch in amusement as friends and family look confused when you mention this epic (and underrated!) study abroad destination.

2. Attend CISabroad’s Fall Semester in Florence, Italy 🇮🇹

You won’t be sad about missing out on pumpkin spice lattes or evening football games while being surrounded by the unmatched artistic beauty of the birthplace of Renaissance. Beyond the cobblestone streets of Florence, students will have easy access to many world class cities too. Students who decide to study abroad in Italy this fall can say arrivederci to boredom. 

You will attend courses at Florence University that are taught in English or Italian (for our foreign language rocking friends) this fall. The university even offers courses in most majors, though you may use your fall study abroad program as an opportunity to explore something new (like photography or food politics). Either way, save us a meatball!

3. Experience IES Abroad in Granada, Spain 🇪🇸

Fall asleep to the tune of the Spanish guitar (just not in class, you slacker!). Study abroad in Granada this fall with IES Abroad to gain access to one of Spain’s most unique and diverse cities. With influences from Islam, Christian, and Judaism, students will never feel slighted in terms of cultural exposure. Additionally, Spanish language speakers will enjoy taking their studies to the source of it all.

The best part? There’ll be no need to pack your swimsuit away after the summer; the beaches in Spain are world famous for a reason.

4. Live La Bonne Vie with API in Grenoble, France 🇫🇷

Wanna smash those #languagegoals but are a true procrastinator at heart? Never fear, API has programs to meet both of those needs. If you want to be sipping coffee at a local cafe in November, get your application in by September 20. December more your style? Apply by October 18. You don’t even have to have previous French language skills to participate in the program, though we have a hunch you probably have a few key terms already memorized (pie à la mode, anyone?).

Soon you’ll be dominating those love letters with flair through this intensive, comprehensive language course in Grenoble, France. 

5. Join Academic Studies Abroad for a Semester in Buenos Aires 🇦🇷

Hone your Spanish skills while checking out Argentina’s most well-known premier, culturally diverse, cosmopolitan city. Blend in with the local porteños and call the Universidad de Belgrano your “casa” for the 2018 fall semester. In between hardcore study sessions and language lessons, you can explore the colorful neighborhood of La Boca, tango your little heart out, or head south to hike the staggering mountains of Patagonia.

Just remind Mom and Dad that you’re technically not studying overseas but in the neighboring continent, so they shouldn’t be too, too worried about the well-being of their favorite child.

6. Explore London with Athena Study Abroad 🇬🇧

If your invitation to Hogwarts never made it to your doorstep (dang it), take advantage of this second chance to study abroad in England the average way this fall. London is fair game for just about any major (even the undeclared kind); there are few places on the planet more ripe for extending your learning on any given subject. Students will have the chance to live on campus at the University of Roehampton and attend lectures taught by both national and international lecturers.

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If anything, you might get smarter just by walking the same streets as many influential great thinkers once did (John Locke, Jane Austen, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Peter Pan are the first ones that come to mind).

Rather than rushing headlong into a second or third year of university in your comfort zone, why not take some time (and SPACE!) to #‎figureitout. Take some time to clarify your goals. Take some time to travel and spend this fall semester studying abroad!

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