[INFOGRAPHIC] Should I Study Abroad?

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Yeah, we KNOW. Becky just got back from BarTHelona (extra emphathith on the lithp) and it was an incredible, life-changing, sangria-soaked experienth. But, you’re not sure it’s for you and you wouldn’t even know where to start. 

Start here.

Work your way through this little obstacle course to answer that burning question: should I study abroad? Your answer might just surprise you… 

If your answer is yes (ding ding ding!), here are your next steps to study abroad

If you’re ready and raring to go off on your great study abroad adventure, slow down for two seconds. Breathe. Yoga pose. Okay, cool. Now you’ve got to get planning! This quick reading list is like a crash course in all things study abroad. You’ll be stamping your passport in no time! 

Recommended Study Abroad Programs for 2017-2018

These programs are a great place to start your search after you answer the question “Should I study abroad?” 

Semester Study Abroad Programs

Summer Study Abroad Programs

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Should I Study Abroad? [Infographic]

If the answer is STILL no...

Alright, alright, we don’t want to force you. If you asked yourself “Should I study abroad?” and the answer is really and truly no (and doesn’t count as a bad reason not to study abroad), BUT you do want to travel meaningfully, here are a few different options that might better suit your desires:

More than anything, just get out there and see the world, and engage in thoughtful, meaningful ways. Here’s why you should want to study abroad.

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