20 Photos To Clue You in on Where to Travel in 2019

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As if you needed another excuse to stalk your favorite travel sites and get the heck out of dodge! Winter weather brings with it an even greater sense of wanderlust, so let the new year instigate your desire to travel abroad in 2017. Here are 20 photos of some of the best places to travel in the world that will quench your thirst for adventure and beauty and make you want to book it to the airport ASAP:

Here's where to travel in 2019

1. Marble Caverns of Patagonia, Chile

Marble Caverns in Patagonia, Chile

Named the most beautiful cave network in the world, and as one of the top places to see in the world, the Marble Caverns in Patagonia are challenging to get to, but absolutely worth the trek. Study abroad in Chile and plan this journey for yourself!

2. The Richat Structure (Eye of Africa) in Mauritania

The Eye of Africa in Mauritania

Hypothesized to be a gigantic, significantly eroded geologic dome that collapsed long ago, this incredible structure is 50 kilometers wide and is completely visible from space. Get a job abroad in Mauritania and plan a weekend vacation to tour this phenomenon by truck or hot air balloon! It’s making all the best bucket lists of where to go in 2017.

3. Tianmen Shan, China

Stairs up to Tianmen Cave in Tianmen Shan, China

The Tianmen Cave is a true wonder to behold and is the world’s highest cave of its kind. Take on the 999 steps to get to the top—you won’t be disappointed! While traveling the world for a year, complete a language program in China and visit this “Stairway to Heaven.”

4. Bangalore, India

Golden Shiva Temple in India

Still looking for the best places to travel in the world, you insatiable traveler, you? If the last three locales haven’t quite completed your bucket list, go ahead and jot down Bangalore. Built on the vision of a man who believed he had spoken with his God, the Shiva Temple is a gorgeous place of faith and hope. Volunteer abroad in India so you can visit this amazing site!

5. Hot Air Balloon Rides Over Cappadocia, Turkey

Hot air balloons floating over Cappadocia, Turkey

The Rock Sites in Cappadocia are the stunning result of hundreds of years of erosion, ancient volcanic eruptions, and the mastered hands of people carving a cave network into the rocks. It’s no wonder it makes our list of top places to see in the world in 2017. Teach abroad in Turkey and make sure to hot air balloon ride over these “fairy tunnels” in your free time.

6. Baatara Gorge Waterfall in Tannourine, Lebanon.

Baatara Gorge Waterfall in Lebanon

This 837-foot waterfall drops behind three natural bridges and is an exquisite sight to behold. Only visible during springtime (when the snow is melting), this natural beauty is well sought after by adventurers near and far as one of those truly beautiful places to travel around the world. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Study abroad in Lebanon, but grab your climbing gear for a weekend trip to Baatara Gorge!

7.  Meteora, Greece

Meteora Monastery sitting on a cliff in Meteora, Greece

The Meteora Monasteries were built slowly and carefully by the monks who lived there long ago. They are a religious temple, an adventurer’s hidden secret, and an overall extraordinary sight to behold— easily one of the best places to travel in the world. Start off strong! Complete a high school study abroad program in Greece and be the first of your friends to visit Meteora.

8. Fairy Pools in the Cuilins, Scotland (Isle of Skye)

Bright blue Fairy Pools in Scotland

These stunning, bright blue pools are quite the inviting oasis for every traveler. If you’re still trying to decide where to go in 2017 on your next grand adventure, dare to dive into the cold water and become one with some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Scotland. Intern abroad in Scotland to see these stunning pools in person!

9. The Great Blue Hole, Belize

Birdseye view of the Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize

Scuba divers of the world flock to this location, as it is one of the largest underwater sinkholes on Earth and one of the top places to see in the world. Located right off the coast of Belize, the Great Blue Hole is home to diverse marine life and tropical fish that are every color of the rainbow. If you volunteer abroad in Belize, be sure to book a boat out to this amazing sea site!

10. Ulun Danu Temple, Bali

Ulun Danu Temple in Bali at sunset

One of the most famous Hindu-Buddhist temples, Ulun Danu is a water temple dedicated to the water goddess Dewi Danu. Balinese people travel to this temple to hope for a good supply of water for farmers of the land. Sign up for adventures in Bali and make sure the Ulun Danu Temple is on your bucket list of where to travel in 2017!

11. Holi Festival, India

A boy covered in colors at the Holi Festival in India

This festival of colors represents the victory of good over evil, and is held in March, the day after the full moon. Holi Festival tops every traveler’s bucket list. For some it’s the whole reason to travel to India (though we know there’s more fun to be had in this vibrant country)! Join in the fun and cover your body in bright colors, dance in the streets, and attend Holi parties that last day and night. Work abroad in India and color your world bright at this exciting festival!

12. Istanbul, Turkey

Fully cityscape view of Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a large, bustling city with incredible structures to see, and it should be on the top of everyone’s list of top places to travel in 2017. Travelers should make time to visit the mosques, Topkapi Palace, and multiple bazaars as they weave their way through the city’s history. Intern abroad in Turkey and get to know this impressive city.

13. Land of the Falling Lakes, Croatia

Birdseye view of the Falling Lakes in Croatia

The largest national park in Croatia, the Plitvice Lakes are a series of 16 lakes interconnected by numerous, breathtaking waterfalls. It’s easy to see why this is one of the best places to travel in the world. Walk along the wooden trail and experience the cascading beauty up close and personal. Choose to work abroad in Croatia if only to witness this majesty on your weekends off!

14. Arizona & Utah, U.S.A.

Man standing in the middle of the Wave in Utah, U.S.A.

The Wave is an incredible red sandstone formation that exists right on the border of Arizona and Utah. Try to get an access permit now—only 20 visitors are allowed entry to the site each day in order to preserve the natural beauty of one of the top places to see in the world. If you’re working toward a degree in the U.S., try your luck at obtaining a permit for a desert experience you’ll never forget!

15. Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh India

City of Maheshwar, India

The city of Maheshwar, located in central India, is known for its many beautiful temples and its placement on the Narmada River. Uncover history as you make your way through this historic city. High school programs in India are the perfect excuse for a young adventurer searching for where to travel in 2017.

16. Dragon Falls, Venezuela

Looking down from the top of Dragon Falls in Venezuela

The world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, Dragon Falls drops 979 metres amongst some of the most gorgeous scenery in Venezuela. Volunteer abroad in Venezuela to see the power of this waterfall, one of the best places to travel in the world.

17. Easter Island, South Pacific

Easter Island statues at sundown

Easter Island is a tiny, isolated island in the South Pacific, off the Chilean coast. The world is still trying to uncover the reasoning behind these magnificently odd structures. Help uncover the mystery while you work abroad in Chile, or make sure to schedule an excursion to this curious site when you’re planning where to go in 2017.

18. Hong Kong, China

View of Hong Kong city life at night

Hong Kong is a large and incredible city and one of the leading financial and banking centers of the world. For anyone traveling the world for a year, a trip east to Asia certainly makes any list of best places to travel in the world–the food alone is enough reason to travel to Hong Kong. Join in the hustle and bustle and intern abroad in Hong Kong!

19. Okavango Delta, Botswana

Vast Okavango Delta in Botswana

An immensely vast ecosystem fueled by the water in the Okavango River, the Okavango Delta is home to supremely diverse plant life and wildlife. Volunteer in Botswana to work with the Moremi Game Reserve and preserve this special land!

20. Cenotes in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

Birdseye view of a swimming hole in the Yucatan peninsula

Cenotes are natural swimming holes that are formed when part of a cave has collapsed and filled with water. Refreshing, natural, and stunning to behold, cenotes along the Yucatán Peninsula are a must for travelers in Mexico looking for beautiful places to travel around the world. Immerse yourself in language courses in Mexico and put your Spanish skills to the test with new friends as you dive headfirst into one of Mexico’s greatest natural beauties.

Tack travel on your 2019 to-do list

The new year is a perfect time for new adventures, so grab a pen and paper and draft out that New Year’s resolution you’ve been promising yourself for years! Make this the year of YOU.  Pinpoint where to travel in 2017 from this list and make plans to adventure abroad this coming year. The world is full of excitement and is patiently waiting for you to join in on the fun! How many more reasons for traveling could there be? Get out there!

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