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20 High School Study Abroad Scholarships

KidGuard Education Scholarship for High School Students

The KidGuard for Education Scholarship would like to bring awareness and inspire solutions to issues such as cyberbullying, online predators, teen suicide and childhood depression in the age of technology. Thus, we are awarding multiple scholarships ranging from $500 to $1000 to all qualified grade 9-12 high school students.

Educator Scholarship Opportunity

Our mission at is connecting great students with great teachers. That is only possible thanks to the high school teachers, tutors, and college professors whose knowledge and passion allows us to create affordable video lessons in math & science. We are grateful to our community and want to help foster the next generation of scholars, so we decided to give a hand to students...

The Student Side Hustler Scholarship

StudySoup just launched a Student Side Hustlers Scholarship program. This is a $1,000 scholarship to be awarded to one student entrepreneur who has demonstrated initiative, perseverance, and a little creativity to set up a side business as a way of bringing in extra income while still in school. It doesn't matter if you've made $100 or $10,000...if you're an up and coming entrepreneur, we want...

ANDEO Summer Abroad Scholarship

Designed to help offset the cost of a summer immersion experience, this partial monetary scholarship is available to students applying for an individual homestay program through ANDEO who have been nominated by their foreign language teacher. Scholarship awards range from $100-$1000 and do not cover all program fees.

Facebook Advertising Scholarship

AdvertiseMint is very excited to let you know that we are offering a $2,500 scholarship for creative students that show entrepreneurial characteristics. We would love to make the application for this scholarship available to your students. Eligibility Requirements: Applicant must be within the ages of 18 to 25. Applicant must be currently enrolled at an accredited high school, college or...

Glad McArthur Horticultural Scholarship

Open to N.Z. citizens or permanent residents who attended a Central Otago High School for a minimum of three years, or whose home is in Central Otago and who attended boarding school, or who have been residing in Central Otago for a minimum of five years. Applicants must be studying or intending to study in areas relating to Horticulture.

Drury Tertiary Scholarship

Ex-pupils of Kelston Boys High School and Kelston Girls High School who are undertaking tertiary study are invited to apply for this scholarship. Two scholarships will be awarded. One to a pupil of Kelston Boys High School within five years of leaving school and one to a pupil of Kelston Girls High School within five years of leaving school.

Don McKenzie University Scholarship

The funds for the above Scholarships were made available by Sir John R McKenzie in commemoration of his son, Leading Aircraftsman Donald Hugh McKenzie, and Leading Aircraftsman Jack Trevor Villers, who were lost when flying a Harvard machine on active service from Woodbourne Aerodrome.

International Students Scholarship Award

In support of the AIC Mission, Vision and Goals, and to create educational opportunities at AIC for international students of exceptional ability and potential, AIC is excited to announce its International Students Scholarship Programme valued at 1,000,000 RMB. The goal of the AIC International Students Scholarship Programme is to support exceptionally talented students and challenge them to...

Awareness Scholarship

TWU offers partial scholarships from USD 250 up to USD 1,800. Qualified students may apply based on criteria which may include: academic grade point average, financial need, number and level of courses attempted in high school, rank in class, and information included on the International Awareness Scholarship application. Each scholarship is based upon meeting the individual scholarship...

Grants to individuals

Sir Walter St John's Educational Charity sets aside a small amount of funding each year to support a few individual students in exceptional circumstances. Grants are awarded to cover expenditure necessary for attendance on the course, such as registration fees, travel, books or equipment. Funding is not usually given towards the cost of a computer or laptop. Maintenance grants are not available.

Gulen Institute Youth Platform

The Gulen Institute encourages all high school students from the U.S. and abroad to participate in the Youth Platform because it: * Helps young minds define problems related to stable peace and social harmony, discuss them, and offer possible solutions from their own perspectives * Contributes to achieving a positive impact on society by building social skills * Helps students improve...

Dell Scholars Program

The Dell Scholars Program is a scholarship program unique in the type of students it supports and how it fosters those students on their path to a college degree. An initiative of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, the Dell Scholars Program provides its students with resources and mentoring beyond initial financial assistance to ensure they have the support they need to obtain a college degree.

AFSA National High School Essay Contest

Since 1999, AFSA has sponsored a nationwide high school essay contest for students whose parents are not in the Foreign Service in order to create interest in the Foreign Service among our best and brightest high school students. In the twelve years since the contest began, we have received thousands of submissions from all over the country - all over the world, even - and we are continually...

FLEX scholarship

The concept of exchange programs grew out of a desire for nations and their peoples to build bridges of understanding after World War II. Since then, the youth exchange movement has become well known and accepted in many countries throughout the world. Youth exchange programs with the countries of the Soviet Union began in the 1980s. Exchanges between the U.S. and the USSR, which focused on...

Young Scholars Program

The Foundation's Young Scholars Program is designed to nurture exceptional students who have demonstrated, through academic excellence and extracurricular activities, that they have the potential to excel. Students apply for the program in 7th grade, enter the program in 8th grade, and continue through high school.

Athletic Aid

Recognize that students can bring to campus special talents and life experiences that will enrich the university's learning environment. Recipients are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress each year.

Helen Tronvold Norwegian Folk High School Scholarship

The Sons of Norway Foundation Helen Tronvold Norwegian Folk High School Scholarship, established in 2005, supports the Sons of Norway Foundation's goal of providing cross-cultural experiences for youth. Helen Tronvold remembered Sons of Norway youth with a special bequest in her will that is a major source of funding for this scholarship. The Sons of Norway Foundation Board of Directors...

AIU High School Scholarship

Each academic year AIU awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors who will be pursuing a baccalaureate degree. The scholarship award can be up to USD 6,000 (GBP 3,300) over two academic years and is to be used toward tuition and fees for study in a baccalaureate degree program. The scholarship award will be disbursed by the University equally over six (6) academic quarters. No...

Congress-Bundestag Scholarship

Imagine everything you'll learn with a full scholarship to study abroad in Germany. This is an experience that can change your life. Since 1983, this Congressionally funded youth exchange program has helped to prepare young people for living in a global society. This program will allow you to develop critical intercultural skills while learning what it's like to live and attend school in...