USAC CHINA: Chengdu-International Relations Studies
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USAC CHINA: Chengdu-International Relations Studies

Overall Rating

8/ 10

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Great Semester in China

I really enjoyed this study abroad program. I was actually surprised by how much I liked it. During the week we're pretty busy with school work. Most people take 9 credits of Chinese so you are definitely going to have to study. You do have free time though to see Chengdu and travel on weekends. There was a field trip almost every other weekend. The field trips are optional but they are fun and worth going on. It's a good way to get to know the rest of the USAC students. Everyone gets to be really close friends. Studying abroad in Chengdu is a good way to learn Chinese. It forces you to speak Chinese and you have to talk to people all the time, especially to get food. Chengdu is an awesome city and lots of people like it so much that they end up extending their program and staying for a year. It really is a great study abroad program for learning Chinese but if you don't want to learn Chinese then perhaps look elsewhere. It is necessary to know some Chinese to get around Chengdu. If you want to learn Chinese though I highly recommend it! It is pretty laid back though and you will have some free time, which I enjoyed.

I took 9 credits of Chinese and the Chinese classes were great but the electives were not. I took 2 elective classes and I do not feel like either of them were worth my time. The electives classes are the reason this received a B-

Living Situation:
I lived in an off campus apartment that was a 30 minute walk from campus. The apartments are pretty nice and big but the walk was slightly inconvenient. I had my own bedroom, which was nice. The on campus dorms are pretty nice too and you don't have roommates in the dorms.

Cultural Immersion:
In Chengdu, you are forced to speak Chinese because almost nobody speaks English. It's good for learning Chinese. The only thing is a lot of people tend to hang out in USAC groups. It's a lot of fun but it'd probably be more beneficial to meet more Chinese students. I guess this depends on you though. Some people were really good about going out and making Chinese friends.

Program Administration:
The program directors were awesome and incredibly helpful with any problem you may have.