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Medicine in Argentina (High School)

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A Journey to Remember

Last summer, I spent the best two weeks of my life in Cordoba, Argentina. Even before arriving, the staff was extremely helpful, providing me emails of other volunteers (who released their emails) so that we could get into contact beforehand and try to book plane tickets together. I went to Argentina on the High School Specials for Medicine and Spanish, so I was excited for what was planned. I couldn’t even imagine how amazing it would be. We went to different hospitals from the city to the countryside. I witnessed three surgeries from right behind the shoulder of a surgeon; we were given a lecture by a surgeon as well as workshops. In the afternoons, we would have Spanish lessons. There were also plenty of cultural activities too. We had a tango lesson, we visited the childhood home of Che Guevara, we had a karaoke party, went bowling and visited La Cumbrecita, to name a few. The entire time, the staff took us to wherever we needed including taking us back home after every activity. Just a side note that the staff were lovely and responsible people.

What really made the experience truly amazing though was spending time with my host family. From day 1, they made me feel like a part of the family. The conversations we had at the dinner table, the encouragement they gave me when I tried speaking in Spanish and the jokes that we shared will be some of the most memorable experiences that I’ll keep, along with the rest of my time in Argentina.

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