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Eco-Diving | Travel Deep & Save the Ocean

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Marine awareness

I spent two weeks with Impactrip and Cascais Dive volunteering in Portugal. To say that I had a wonderful time would be an understatement! Impactrip was extremely organized and thorough. They were not only a wonderful and approachable team of amazing people, but went out of their way to make the stay as cultured and fun as possible. From organizing cultural and sightseeing tours to assisting with travel to throwing a full out BBQ for the volunteers, they certainly made their volunteers their priority. My awareness and marine conservation volunteer work was extremely stimulating and it was an absolute joy to show up at Cascais Dive everyday. The shop team and instructors were not only focused on safety and helping shape me to be the best aware diver possible, but they became my friends; lovely people that I shared many meals, stories and laughs with throughout my time there. I cleaned up a huge amount of marine rubbish, both in the marina and off the ocean floor out in the Atlantic. Having the opportunity to dive with a wide range of divers, ranging from professional marine biologists to folks on holiday from other counties, was a wonderful way to spread Awareness about the volunteer program and the issue with rubbish in our seas. It was rewarding to have these conversations on board the dive boat and then see non-volunteers proudly bringing foreign objects from the water to the boat after their dives. Cascais dive is the perfect shop for the volunteer project; organized, emphasis on skills and safety, top of the line equipment and a group of the finest divers I have met. Overall, this experience was absolutely amazing and I would absolutely return in a heartbeat!! Congrats to Impactrip for organizing such a wonderful program.