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Tutor English To A Family In China

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An amazing cultural experience in China

The main reason I decided to take part in this program was to able to travel to China. I was really interested in the convenience of the program and how it would easily allow me the freedom to travel and explore whenever and whatever I wanted. I would teach a family English and have a place to stay in China and meals provided for me. I could leave to explore whenever I wasn't busy with English lessons. After a bit of time though, I have discovered that this unique situation of living with a family in another country and teaching them is much more than just a place to sleep and eat. It has been very fun to travel to another country and see the different tourist attractions, but staying in and spending time with the family was even more fun. We have exchanged cultural beliefs and practices and learned a lot from each other. Being able to share my culture and also learn about another country's culture has made my time abroad very fulfilling. I feel more pride for my own country, more aware of other cultures, and also less ignorant. This programs offers a very unique opportunity to be able to travel to a new country and experience another culture from a unique perspective that cannot be attained by traveling there normally. This experience has been so unique and I would not trade it for the opportunity to see any landmark or tourist attraction.

My family shared a few songs that they like with me. They were very popular American songs which was a little surprising. Many popular American artists like Queen and Michael Jackson are well known in China which I found very interesting.

I have gone to most of the popular tourist attractions in China like the Hutong Markets, Lama Temple, Houhai, Wangfujing, Beihai Park, the Olympic Village, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven. I would recommend trying to visit all of these places, but most of all, I highly recommend trying to see the Great Wall. This was by far my favorite place to visit in China so far. There are multiple parts of the Great Wall that people can visit, but I went to a part of the Great Wall called Jinshanling. It is a bit farther from Beijing than other parts of the Great Wall, but it was well worth the extra distance. Apparently, this part of the Great Wall is much less touristy and fewer people go there. This part was also restored less than other more popular parts of the Great Wall, which I really liked. More ruined and original parts of the Great Wall can be seen. It is not as easy to visit the Great Wall as it is to see the other places I mentioned, but I highly recommend trying to visit the Great Wall while in China, and visiting the part that I went to if you can.

I haven't been to any sports games or matches, but I have been keeping up with the Olympics. My host family and I have been watching the Olympics together every chance we can, I obviously cheer for the United States, but whenever China is in an event, I cheer for them too with my host family. Usually, my host family and I end up cheering for both the United States and China.

My goal for coming to China was to explore the country and learn about the culture here. Also, I wanted to gain experience teaching English and also maybe adopt some of another culture's practices and traditions. My goals have not changed much, but I have added learning a bit of Chinese to my list of goals. I am happy to say that I am achieving my goals and will continue to work towards them.