Tanya Ludovico - 2014 Program Participant

View of the mountains in Italy

The view from Tanya's room in Italy

Why did you decide to apply for an international program?

I chose to apply for an international program because I went to Italy in 2010 and wanted to go back ever since.

What drew you to work as a Day Camp Counselor in Italy with GeoVisions?

I chose the Day Camp Counselor in Italy because I want to be an English teacher and this gave me the chance to teach the children English as well as gain teaching experience.

What was your favorite part about living in Italy?

My favorite part about the location was the view. Every morning when I would wake up the skies were always blue, and I did not need a filter when taking pictures. The views were breathtaking.

What made the day camp you worked at unique?

Not only was it a summer camp but every morning for three hours, myself and two other teachers had a group of kids who we taught English to. The morning was dedicated to school work and the afternoon and evening was dedicated to games and activities.

What surprised you about being a camp counselor?

I knew what to expect when it came to being a camp counselor, but I think what surprised me most was how much fun I had with the kids. I thought it would be work, work, work, instead it was one of the best experiences of my life.

If you could change one thing about your program experience what would it be?

I would have wanted to stay longer, and maybe not have spoken Italian to the kids.

What was a typical day like as a Camp Counselor in Italy?

The counselors would wake the kids up at eight and tell them to meet in the dining hall at eight-thirty for breakfast. At nine the english lessons would start, and they would end at noon. Around twelve-thirty, lunch would be served and at one o'clock there would be a specific activity for all the kids. Snack time would be around four-thirty with two hours of free time until supper. After dinner there would be an activity, such as movie night, karaoke, bingo, and a scavenger hunt. Finally around ten, we would take the kids back to their rooms for bed.

What was the accommodation like at the camp? What did you like about it?

We stayed in a hostel/hotel. The camp had a floor to themselves. We were fed three times a day and had our rooms cleaned every day. We also had access to all the amenities. The food was fantastic and the view from the room was spectacular.

How supportive was local staff?

The local staff were fantastic and would give us anything we needed.

Did you have any language issues working in Italy?

I did not have any language issues in Italy, because I speak Italian on a daily basis because I am from an Italian family.

What is one thing every counselor should bring with them?

One thing everyone should bring with them is a good pair of running shoes and a water bottle, because they get their water from the springs and spending money on plastic water bottles is not worth it.

What did you enjoy most about your program, outside of the regular scheduled activities?

I think just interacting with the kids during the meals and the free time, they were all super great and always wanted to practice their English. Another activity that I enjoyed was the hike we took up the mountains.

What kind of lasting impact has your time in Italy had on your life?

This program made me realize I made the right decision in my choice for a career. I made lasting friendships and countless of stories to tell.