Maastricht University: History, Culture and Arts in Europe
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Maastricht University: History, Culture and Arts in Europe

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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Absolutely Ideal

Studying with CES at Maastricht University was the most incredible four months of my life. The CES staff made the transition to living and studying in Maastricht nearly seamless through communication before my arrival as well as tours and information sessions while I was there. Their concern for my safety and 24/7 emergency availability made me feel at east both in Maastricht and traveling around Europe. As a participant of the European History, Culture and Arts program, I spent part of my semester studying Dutch literature and art. Inside the classroom, I participated in rich discussions with my fellow study abroad peers, while outside the classroom we went on study tours to new cities where we were able to visit the location of a novel we had read or see a painting we had studied. I was also able to take classes in my major at the Faculty of Arts & Social Science with peers from around the world, where I was challenged to think about contemporary social issues from a global perspective and reflect on my own American culture.

Outside of academics, Maastricht was a great city to live in and truly feel a part of the community. From grocery shopping to eating frites, or going out on the weekends, I always had a fun time and felt immersed in the culture. Maastricht's central location also allowed for easy travel, which took me to places I had only ever dreamed of.

Overall, my study abroad experience with CES at Maastricht University was absolutely ideal and I wish I could repeat it over and over again.