International MBA in Bangkok
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International MBA in Bangkok

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Thailand: Bangkok

Program Summary

Complete your Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Bangkok, Thailand. Asia Exchange and Siam University work together to provide a program that utilizes the curriculum of the Universitys original distinguished MBA program, but in the English language.

Students can choose from eight different areas of specialization, depending on their career objectives. The IMBA program is designed to meet the demands of fast track, motivated managers with executive potential. It utilizes teaching methods that stress and develop independent thinking. Program participants are expected to achieve verifiable and practical levels that will add value to their respective businesses.

The MBA program at Siam University follows a 15-week trimester system. The degree can be completed in a minimum of twelve months.

Asia Exchange provides programs that allow students to benefit from the high yet affordable education in Asia.

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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A great choice of classes, a great opportunity

The Siam University provides a great choice of classes within master studies. Its location offers a great opportunity to get to know the more local part of Bangkok, and the Thai culture. Its canteen offers a great and favorable choice of Thai food. The Siam University should set up programs that connect Thai and international students, e.g. sport programs, language exchange programs, etc. Some teaching materials were slightly outdated, and some professors were not aware about the latest theories or models.

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