Lisa Vassallo - 2013 Program Participant

The infamous red phone booths in England

Peeking out of a traditional British telephone booth

Why did you decide to study abroad with an international program?

I decided to study abroad with an international program because I wanted to step out of my comfort 

zone, explore new places, and experience what the world had to offer.

Why did you choose CAPA?

I chose CAPA because it is a program for American students, so they gave us opportunities to fully immerse ourselves into the culture of our study abroad location. I also really liked the internship option, which allowed me to gain international work experience and get credit for it.

What was living in London like?

London is an eclectic, vibrant, and evolving city. There is always a new place to explore or a new activity to try. You can hop on the tube, exit a few stops away, and feel like you are in a totally different place. The quote "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life," is completely accurate.

What makes CAPA different from the rest?

CAPA truly understands the study abroad student and the nature of a study abroad program. Their classes are structured to give you enough freedom to travel and explore on your own, but the internship program and MyEducation events allow you to connect with people of all cultures and backgrounds and truly feel like a Londoner.

What was the local CAPA staff like in London?

The staff at CAPA are supportive, helpful, and friendly. From answering program and internship questions to giving us directions and suggesting places to visit, I was always glad to see their smiling faces when I went to the CAPA center.

Is there anything you wish you would’ve done differently?

I would have better utilized some of my free time. Once in a while I found myself taking my situation for granted when I could have been exploring a new place, taking a walk, and just enjoying every single minute of London that I had.

What was a typical day like during your program in London?

I would wake up and get ready, eat breakfast while overlooking the neighborhood of Camden, take the tube either to my internship or to the CAPA center for classes, come back to my flat, make dinner, and either go to a MyEducation event, explore a tourist attraction, or try out a new pub or neighborhood with my flatmates.

What was your favorite activity outside of class or the internship?

Each Tuesday I had an afternoon class, so I had free time to visit a new museum or explore on my own. These times spent wandering by myself were some of the best memories I had. It gave me time to really stop, look around at this amazing city I was in, and be grateful for it all.

What were your accommodations like?

I lived in a flat with 5 other girls from my program who were from different parts of the United States. I loved everything about it. The accommodations were great, the location of our flat (Camden) was funky and exciting, and the girls I lived with have become some of my best friends.

How has your program abroad impacted you since returning?

My program has given me new opportunities and advantages in school and in my career path. More importantly though, it has made me more confident, more independent, happier, and overall more appreciative of all the world has to offer.