Cindy Camacho - 2014 Program Participant

After your friend recommended Greenheart, what made you know they were right for you?

I was doing searches for all countries and Greenheart had so many options and was detailed in what their program offered.

How did you decide to teach English in Thailand?

I have always wanted to teach abroad and when looking through countries that Greenheart offered, Thailand sparked my interest. 

What is the best part of life in Thailand?

Nothing is the same as back home in the U.S. Everyday is something new, good or bad. It is just nice to be able to experience all of that and make all these new decisions I never thought I would encounter. 

What is some important advice someone should know before teaching in Bangkok?

It will be a culture shock. Whether you are by yourself or with a friend/significant other, make sure to get out and experience Bangkok and all it has to offer. 

Wat Pho in Bangkok

Wat Pho in Bangkok.

How is a Thai classroom different from a Western classroom?

I am at an International School and my school is based on working with nature and the outdoors. We have a classroom lined with windows and doors and everything is open. My classroom in Bangkok is very different from my classroom in the States, where I was in a building with two windows.

Why did you decide to teach in Bangkok?

I had a choice between Bangkok and Hua Hin (known as the royal beach town) and I chose Bangkok because the school there seemed so great to work at. Also there is endless culture and so much to do in Bangkok.

If someone only had 24 hours in Bangkok, what are the top sites you recommend they visit? 

If someone had only 24 hours I would say they would definitely have to visit The Grand Palace, Wat Pho Temple, and if they are there on a weekend definitely go to Chatuchak Market, which is one of the largest markets in Asia. Lastly you can find great street food anywhere and it doesn’t hurt to try some!

How long have you been in Thailand and how long do you plan to stay? 

I have been in Thailand for several months now. I am on a year contract with my school and having thoughts about staying an extra year or two!

Have you picked up any Thai? Do you need to know Thai to get around the city or is English sufficient?

I have! I have made friends with my school staff and they teach me Thai! Another great thing to have is a Thai app on your phone. I downloaded one for free and it has so many translations with a voice to help you say it the right way as well. Knowing Thai will definitely help you get around here especially because we are foreigners. I would say learn street directions if you take cabs all the time, numbers, and simple phrases to get you through the day. For example asking how much, what is that, or where is it. As the time passes you will start picking up more and more Thai words! 

What’s next for you? Any big plans or trips in the works?

I am currently planning to go home for one of my breaks and surprise my family, but after that I plan to travel around Asia. I just got back from Singapore and can’t wait to explore some more!