Brittany Randles - 2014 Program Participant

What made you want to apply for an international program? 

I love to travel but have never been out of the U.S. until I decided to go abroad with Global Leadership Adventures. I wanted to volunteer more than just locally. I wanted to learn what this world has to offer!

Teen volunteers in Costa Rica

Brittany with the other volunteers in Costa Rica.

Why did you choose to volunteer with Global Leadership Adventures specifically? 

I chose Global Leadership Adventures because I couldn't find anything wrong with this program!!! It was everything I wanted and more. After reviewing the brochure full of programs for a while, I decided to go on Protecting the Pacific because it was simply the right fit for me. I wanted to be in a smaller group because I wanted to connect with everyone more. This trip had a lot to do with the environment and I am a huge environment lover. Also who wouldn't want to go to Costa Rica.

What was it like travelling in Costa Rica? 

Costa Rica was amazing. I have never seen such a beautiful location, right on the beach. The temperature was so perfect, not too hot, not too cold. It was so easy working hard in such a wonderful place because I wanted to keep it clean and beautiful because I could envision how perfect it would be if there was no trash or anything like that.

What made GLA’s program stand out? 

It had the perfect mix of adventure/excursions and volunteering. It couldn't have been better. We played games all night and I met so many amazing people. The people I met have literally become my life long friends and I think part of the reason we became so close is because of the opportunities we were given to learn more about each other and do things together and not be stuck behind a phone.

What was staff support like throughout the program? 

The mentors supported us in so many ways. They supported people when they were homesick, having self problems, medical issues, etc. They really cared about you and they made that obvious.

What's one thing you wish you would have done differently? 

I wish I could have stayed longer because two weeks was not long enough!

Describe a day in the life of your program. 

Wake up call by the leaders of the day. Breakfast as a group. Volunteer. Lunch. Adventure/ excursion. Ocean Hour. Dinner. Games. Bed. During all of that we would learn things. We would learn why we were helping volunteer and why it was necessary. We learned how we can change the way we do things at home. We learned about ourselves when we were on adventures. We communicated with our friends the whole time too.

What was your favorite activities outside of the volunteer work you engaged in? 

GAMES!!!! I loved the group game signs that we played almost every night!

What was the accommodation like during your stay?

Three people per room. It was spread out nice. Our bathrooms were great and beds were comfy!

Do you feel like your experience with GLA has impacted you further than the time spent in Costa Rica? 

SO MUCH. Words can not explain how much Global Leadership Adventures has changed my life.