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Katie Wells

Katie Wells

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different…” C.S. Lewis

Originally from Edmonton, Canada, Katie is now studying Theology at Portland Bible College. She spent a summer in high school in France and her senior year in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, working as a Youth Ambassador. She has wanted to travel the world for as long as she can remember and her list of places to visit grows everyday, just as her passion to learn languages and cultures grows. Though, Katie deeply loves writing, especially in her blog.

Articles By Katie Wells

Seven Cultural Differences in Bosnia-Herzegovina Published 14 Feb 2014

Bosnia-Herzegovina is both geographically and culturally distant from the United States. So, as one would expect, there are quite a few prominent differences that may trip up any unsuspecting newcomers planning on studying abroad in Bosnia-Herzegovina....

A Guide to Studying Abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina Published 22 Nov 2017

With a place as richly diverse and culturally influenced by surrounding countries, Bosnia-Herzegovina is an excellent place for a student exchange. From the gorgeous Dinaric Alps to the stunning blue water that flows through the major cities, such as ...