Teach Abroad…Again! 5 Places for Experienced ESL Teachers

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Teachers, no matter where they are in the world, are the foundation for individual growth and education, and set the precedent for tomorrow’s global community. If they’re great at what they do, teachers are inspiring, motivating, and constantly pushing the boundaries for change and development. English as a second language (ESL) teachers are one of the many educators dedicated to creating opportunity, being patient with each one of their pupils, and always rooting for their student’s growth.

Becoming an ESL teacher abroad is a career and lifestyle choice for so many people, building on teaching experience that will come in handy at top language institutions, colleges, and universities around the world. To that end, we’re not surprised you want to teach abroad AGAIN.

Sunrise shot of hot air balloons
Soar to new heights by teaching abroad again!

For experienced teachers and lifelong lovers of international education, the question of “where to teach English abroad next?” is answered with a few different (but equally important!) considerations. Teaching abroad programs for certified teachers should include professional development, career advancement, cool locations, and of course, good salaries and benefits! Below are five hardcore places with ESL jobs for experienced teachers abroad, and the pros and cons to consider before officially signing up: 

1. Build Your Nest Egg in Saudi Arabia

  • Excellent tax free salary and benefits
  • Usually at least six weeks of holiday per year
  • Very conservative—can be challenging for women, not a good fit for unmarried couples traveling together

Teach English abroad in Saudi Arabia by working with adult students at the college, university, or foundation year level. With the increased need for a well-educated local workforce, strong English skills are necessary for many to participate in the diverse job opportunities available in the Gulf region. Teaching contracts in Saudi Arabia will often include (get excited!) flights, accommodation, and health insurance. For female teachers, additional benefits may include access to gyms and swimming pools within their assigned accommodation. As women are not able to travel around freely, schools will often make up for the difference by providing amenities not usually seen with assigned housing outside of Saudi Arabia.

GoAbroad’s top picks for ESL teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia are offered by Teach Away and Edvectus.

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Burj Al Arab in Dubai
Grow your teaching resume as strong and tall as Dubai’s Burj Al Arab

2. Live the Good Life in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

  • Excellent tax free salary and benefits (although usually not as high as Saudi Arabia)
  • Usually at least six to eight weeks of holiday per year
  • Conservative–not a good fit for unmarried couples traveling together

Abu Dhabi and Dubai face a similar circumstance to Saudi Arabia, as the need for a well-educated and English-fluent workforce is increasing rapidly. While ESL teaching salaries are not as high in the United Arab Emirates as they are in Saudi Arabia, there is more freedom of mobility, especially for women. Unmarried couples are not legally allowed to live together and modest dress is recommended for both sexes, but you can still have a drink at a hotel bar (provided you have your license to purchase alcohol with you) or go and see a movie with a friend of the opposite sex. Other benefits are usually generous and include flights, health insurance, and accommodation (or an accommodation allowance).

GoAbroad’s top picks for ESL teaching jobs in the UAE are Seek Teachers & Teach Away.

3. Boost Your Resume in China

  • Good salaries with a low cost of living
  • Great opportunity to save
  • Professional development and career advancement through university programs
Birdseye view of Chongqing, China
Dare to tackle this city, one English class at a time

With many well established universities in the U.S. and UK opening satellite campuses in China, it is one of the top places to teach abroad, especially because opportunities are growing for experienced teachers wanting to teach English abroad. From providing additional support to students through course tutorials to teaching English development courses, the options for ESL teaching in China are plentiful. But, don’t get overwhelmed! Keep these things in mind while searching for teaching jobs in China.

Professional development opportunities and the ability to put a well-known university on your resume make China an excellent destination for career advancement. A low cost of living and well-above-average salaries provide English teachers abroad with a very comfortable lifestyle and the opportunity to travel throughout China in their free time—who wouldn’t love that? ESL teaching jobs have never looked so good!

GoAbroad’s top picks for ESL teaching jobs in China are Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation and Lopair Au Pair China.

4. Develop as a Professional in Bulgaria

  • Good salaries and benefits, like accommodation, flights, and insurance
  • Excellent travel and cheap flights to Europe and the Middle East
  • Great opportunities for professional development and scholarship programs

Smack-dab in the center of Europe and Central Asia, Bulgaria is the place to be if you want to develop your ESL teaching career and really experience a unique part of the world. With universities offering English as the medium of instruction (especially in the capital of Sofia), many job openings for English teachers exist in preparatory or foundation programs that prepare students to enter faculties within the university. Professional development is often at a high caliber, with opportunities to conduct research, present at conferences, and even pursue a Master’s or a DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualification on scholarship.

GoAbroad’s top pick for ESL teaching jobs in Bulgaria is International TEFL Academy.

Landscape in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Enjoy the remote beauty of Bulgaria while you plan your next English lesson

5. Have an Adventure in Kazakhstan

  • High salaries and benefits
  • Low cost of living
  • Experience diverse and intriguing central Asia

Kazakhstan is heavily invested in reforming their education system by representing universities and programs that are in line with European standards and by maintaining an emphasis on the English language as the lingua franca of business and trade. Kazakhstan is the destination of choice for adventurous English teachers abroad who are looking to get in on the ground floor of a new teaching hotspot, advance their careers, and save much of their income due to low taxes and a low cost of living.

GoAbroad’s top pick for English teaching jobs in Kazakhstan is Teach Away.

Saddle up! It’s go-time.

Continuing your foray as an ESL teacher abroad has never felt so exciting. No matter your choice of location, you already know that teaching abroad is an incredible experience–it’s why you’re doing it again! Take your previous, irreplaceable teaching skills and commit to “level-up” your teach abroad experience by choosing to teaching abroad programs for certified teachers in one of these hardcore destinations!

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