6 Tips to Help You Find TEFL Jobs in the Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic is a fantastic country, so living and teaching English there is sure to be a great experience. Its culture is quite different from that of many European countries, which will provide you with challenges as well as, often unexpected, delights. Many international companies have regional headquarters in the Czech Republic and need their staff to be able to conduct business effectively in English, leading to a high demand for English teachers, especially those who are native speakers or who have high levels of English language proficiency. 

Teacher presenting a lesson
Soon-to-be-TEFL-teacher in action

When it comes to TEFL jobs in the Czech Republic, following these six important guidelines will help you find the best TEFL job. 

1. Get your TEFL qualification in Prague.

If you don’t already have a TEFL qualification and you want to work in the Czech Republic, enroll in a TEFL training course in Prague. Some TEFL schools (like Live TEFL Prague and TEFL in Prague) even offer a job guarantee to their successful graduates, which means you don’t have to rush around searching for TEFL jobs in Prague (or elsewhere) after you get certified; instead, It will find you. This guarantee will give you a set number of teaching hours and a regular salary. Most of these types of agreements also allow you to teach students privately, which can help increase your income. 

By doing your TEFL training in Prague, you will gain valuable work experience teaching students from the country where you want to teach after graduation. This means you will start to understand the culture and way of life in the country before you are thrown into a classroom. Not to mention, since the demand for English teachers is high, it’s probable that you will walk straight into a TEFL job in the Czech Republic after graduation. 

TEFL program graduates of Live TEFL Prague
Newly certified TEFL graduates!

2. Network as soon as you arrive in the Czech Republic.

Get out and make new friends, because you never know who you will meet; you may meet a potential employer, or just make new friends. It’s surprising how often you can find out about schools offering TEFL jobs in the Czech Republic, or which companies need freelance English teachers, just by networking. Networking and making friends will also help you get used to your new country and learn your way around.

Joining organizations like Internations will help you develop your social life and meet people from different countries and backgrounds too. And as always, you can check out GoAbroad’s Teach Abroad Directory to find teaching jobs in the Czech Republic for English speakers.

Sunset view of Prague, Czech Republic
Beautiful views of Prague you simply can’t resist

3. Meet and talk to other TEFL teachers.

Ask them where they are currently teaching. Is it a good company to work for? What kinds of students can you expect to be teaching? Who should you send your CV to? (FYI: It’s always best to send an email with your CV to a person by name, rather than to a job title). In Prague, the Globe Bookstore runs a reading group and a number of TEFL teachers attend regularly. Other meetup groups aimed at foreigners are also a good place to start your social life with other TEFL teachers. Another great way to meet people, some of whom are sure to be TEFL teachers, is to join one of the Toastmasters Clubs in Prague.

4. Consider teaching English outside of Prague.

Prague is a wonderful city, but it is not the only city that needs English teachers in the Czech Republic. Demand for English teachers is high in regional cities too, such as Brno and Ostrava. In the past, salaries for teaching jobs in these cities were lower than for TEFL jobs in Prague, but demand for English teachers has grown rapidly and teaching salaries have gone up. In some small towns, the rates are even higher for TEFL jobs.

Typical city view in the Czech Republic
Those iconic red roofs can be found outside of Prague too.

The icing on the cake is that living costs in regional areas are lower; it’s a definite win-win. It’s also worth remembering that the expatriate community is smaller, and you will be pushed to move out of your expat bubble and mix with the locals. You are more likely to learn Czech and you will have plenty of opportunities to develop strong friendships with Czech people. 

5. Be professional during the application process.

Send your CV to a number of schools. Make sure it is well written and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Remember: you are presenting yourself as someone who knows English well enough to teach it! Highlight your relevant experience and training throughout your CV. 

Be punctual and well prepared for the interview and demo lesson, and dress in a smart, business-like manner. Make sure your lesson plan for the demo lesson is engaging and interactive, with props. Many schools will ask you to teach a demo lesson based on a specific topic. Make sure you meet their requests, but also take along a portfolio of sample lesson plans, to make it clear to the school that you know what you’re doing. If you do your TEFL training in Prague, you will be sure to develop some lesson plans along the way that you can use in your portfolio. 

Live TEFL Prague students during a TEFL course
TEFL courses will give you a chance to meet and talk with other aspiring TEFL teachers.

6. Make sure you have the right paperwork.

The paperwork requirements for TEFL jobs in the Czech Republic are different for EU and non-EU citizens. Almost all TEFL teachers work as individual entrepreneurs, with their own business licences, rather than working as employees of a school. With your own business licence (commonly called zivno by expats), you have the freedom to choose which schools you work for, to change schools easily, and to teach private students legally. In practice, most new teachers start working for language schools and get a full time class schedule. Over time, they tend to find more private students by word of mouth, as students and friends recommend them. 

The idea of getting a business licence may see daunting, but there are companies that can help you. These companies organise visas, trade licences, secure registration with the Foreign Police, and get your compulsory health insurance set up. You will need to provide proof that you have a certain amount of financial resources available to be eligible for jobs in the Czech Republic for English speakers.

The good news is: you can begin this process while you are doing your TEFL training, if you get certified in the Czech Republic.

Friends out for drinks in the Czech Republic
Don’t waste anytime! Start networking right away, and make friends to spend your free time with.

You are ready to find the best TEFL job in the Czech Republic!

Once you start your TEFL job in the Czech Republic, you will realise what a great place it is. One huge plus is that it is right in the geographic heart of Europe, so it is easy and cheap to travel to many other European destinations, and the country has excellent transport links. I suggest that you also take the time to visit regional centres too; World Heritage listed towns, fashionable spa towns, beautiful mountains and forests – these are all just a short distance away, and well-worth exploring during your down time teaching in the Czech Republic.

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