7 Spring Internships Abroad for College Students

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Spring is a time of new growth, fresh perspectives, and boundless blooms. And we’re not only talking about mother nature here. It’s a time for us to grow, for us to challenge our perspectives, and broaden our horizons—to transition with the seasons. Shake off those winter blues and shed those excess layers abroad! Spring fever, eh? Considering a spring internship abroad is an excellent idea. Odds are, you’ll be happy that you did. 

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Apply now for spring internships abroad—it's not too late!

Internships allow us to further explore our interests. They help us to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workforce. Sure, you’re motivated by law and policy, but do you understand what a day in the shoes of an attorney might be like? Or maybe you’re interested in journalism? Why not try it before you buy it! And internships allow us to do just that.

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Make next year’s resume shine with spring 2019 internships abroad

For some of you, it might be mandatory to take on an internship and for others, maybe you are looking to sharpen your professional experiences while quenching your inquisitive thirst. With an internship abroad, will you have the chance to create unforgettable memories and build lasting relationships

The beauty of spring internships is that you also have the opportunity to gain college credit that is transferable to your home institution. Score! 💐 🐰 ☀️ ☔  Many institutions abroad offer a wide variety of topical courses that might be difficult to find at your home institution. 

Explore a new culture, develop professional experiences in an international context, put those foreign language skills to use, and make next year’s resume shine with a spring internship. In today’s global society, it’s imperative to understand the importance of cross-cultural communication and collaboration. More and more, employers are seeking applicants with international experiences.  

Many students that have studied business, journalism, international relations, and foreign languages have reaped the benefits of stepping out of their comfort zones and undertaking international internship experiences. Let your actions speak of your adventurous personality and competencies while diversifying your resume with a spring internship in 2019. 

7 spring internships for college students abroad hiring right now

Spring semester 2019 is just around the corner and it’s never too early to secure your plans. With an abundance of internship opportunities abroad, here’s a nifty list we’ve put together to help you on your way, turning dreams into a reality. 

1. Boston University Internships in London

London skyline with the Gherkin

Spring internships for college students in London are about as common as selfies in red phone boxes.

Intern in a global economic hub bustling with opportunities with Boston University! t’s a journalist’s playground. Or, maybe fashion is your cup of tea? London offers it all. This electric destination has unparalleled cultural access with some of the most dynamic corporations in the world. The pace of this city is undeniable—but it’s not all hustle and bustle, the afternoon tea and sandwich culture is alive and thriving. 

With the London Internship Program with Boston University you have the opportunity to experience this exciting city both in and out of the classroom. This dynamic program starts students off with coursework to prepare them for their internships. Practical. Then, students collaborate with internship placement advisors to develop suitable work placements enabling a swift transition into the professional arena. All in all, students have the chance to head home with up to 16 transferable credits along with other unforgettable souvenirs. Please do mind the gap, and check this program out!

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2. Global Internships Programs in Paris

the eiffel tower along the Seine

La Seine in the spring is perfection—you’d know if you signed up for spring internships in Paris.

Snag a pain au chocolat on your way to the office with Global Experiences—and then meet up with friends to practice your French along La Seine in the evening. A bottle of red, a few cheeses, a baguette, and voila! Picnic your spring semester through Paris while improving your language skills and adding new cultural competencies with an internship in Paris. Home to the largest business district in Europe, La Défence, along with one of the world’s fastest start-up communities, the city of light is an unforgettable locale.

Global Experiences offers an abundance of customised  internships based in Paris. Their attentive team works closely with students to match individual language skills and professional qualifications with professional organizations, ultimately curating career-enhancing experiences. 

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3. Spring Internships in Shanghai with Go Abroad China

The Palace Museum, China

Get right down to business with spring internships in China.

One of the largest cities in the world, find yourself in Shanghai this spring with Go Abroad China. Located along the East China Sea along China’s central coast, this economic powerhouse in undoubtedly home to some of the fastest evolving industries. The Chinese market has never been more important in the global economy. So, grab your camera, set your expectations aside, and dive into this fascinating ever-evolving city. But first, let’s have noodles with our fellow Shanghainese before we get started. 

Go Abroad China offers diverse, personalized placements along with so much more for international interns. Housing, around-the-clock support, and networking events are organized to assist students during their stay in this dynamic city, creating unforgettable memories in the “Pearl of the Orient.” 

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4. Intern on a Beach in Thailand with Cross Cultural Solutions

Woman walking in markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand

There’s more than one kind of “content marketing” in Chiang Mai.

Hop the islands in the south, while catching rays on some of the world’s most pristine beaches with Cross Cultural Solutions! Dance the night away under a full moon with others from all over the world. Or catch your breathe at a monastery with the monks of the north. Welcome to Thailand! Spring in this exquisite southeast Asian country is sure to be far from the same same semester spent at your host institution. 

Cross Cultural Solutions partners students with unparalleled medical internships in Thailand’s largest northern city, Chiang Mai. From public health issues to an emphasis on tropical diseases, students are exposed to national medical staff and institutions right from the beginning. Through dynamic hospital and clinical rotations, students have the opportunity to gain a broad perspective on international health. 

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5. Spring Internships in Brazil with CI Experience Brazil

View from christ the redeemer in Rio

Her name is Rio and she’s already signed up for a spring internship in Brazil—what are you doing?

Perhaps you’ll traverse the equator to move your feet to the beat of the Samba with CI Experience Brazil. Spend some time exploring the vast ecosystems of the Amazon in the north. Allow your breathe to be taken away by the views from Christ the Redeemer whilst overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Experience the flamboyant diversity of South America’s largest country in Brazil. This vibrant destination, known for its warm hospitality and laid-back lifestyle, is ready and waiting for the curious explorer.

CI Experience Brazil offers a host of paid internships in a variety of disciplines. With a vast national network of placements, students have the option to choose their locale, be it one of Brazil’s megacities or some of the quainter villages. CI Experience Brazil has a strong reputation with their student’s satisfaction and they are sure to not disappoint. Vamos!

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6. Projects Abroad's Spring Internships in Mexico

Sunset in Oaxaca, Mexico

You could be Snapchatting this beautiful sunset in Mexico if only you’d sign up for spring internships for college students.

Explore the Mayan ruins scattered across the Yucatan with Projects Abroad. Discover the charm of the colonial south in the exotic state of Chiapas. And while you’re at it, treat your taste buds to the exquisite flavors of the Oaxacan cuisine. Let’s not even get started on the topic of the pristine beaches on both the east and the west of this north American gem. The cultural melting pot of Mexico is bound to be an unforgettable experience.

¿ Hablas espagnol ? Well, maybe you’re not fluent, but why not work towards fluency with Projects Abroad this spring in Guadalajara? This internship program is available to students from many academic backgrounds - from physical therapy to journalism, there’s sure to be a placement for you. 

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7.  Intern in Morocco with World Endeavors

colorful textiles at the market in Marrakesh

Now that is marketing in Marrakesh!

Treat your eyes to the elaborate patterns and designs in the bustling souks of Marrakech with World Endeavors. Allow your senses to indulge where a beautiful chaos of color and scents collide. Spend an evening or three under the desert sky where the stars come alive on an intimate Saharan excursion. Experience the rich culture of the Maghreb in this northwestern African nation. Whether you fancy the desert, the mountains, the sea, or cityscapes, Morocco is truly a treat for everyone.

World Endeavors welcomes international interns in Morocco to hone professional skills while exposing students to a genuine Moroccan experience. This total immersion program provides students with a personalized program advisor, the coordination of internship placement, and professional consulting to prepare students for post-program applications. Bonus! Arabic language classes are included in the program as well as discounts to a plethora of entertainment and dining occasions. 

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Next steps to score spring internships

So, maybe you’re asking yourself how to make this spring abroad a reality. This is completely normal. Planning is an important piece to this sometimes tricky puzzle. There’s funding, application processes, and visas to figure out, but with a little organization, you’ll be ready for take off in no-time. Use your resources and get started today! 

Create a personalized account with MyGoAbroad. Here, you can save and compare some of your favorite programs that will prove to be a useful hub for all things related to your internship abroad. You can also find many helpful resources to assist you along the way. Be sure to check out the “Contests” tab on the right and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky winners ;)

Here are some helpful guides as you make your final decisions:

So, by now you’re most likely imaging your spring semester in a far-off land, and you have reason to do so—we don’t blame you. But, planning is an important element when turning this dream into a reality. Spend some time to consider your options and use these tools to help lighten your load before take-off.

It’s not too late—secure spring internships today!

Whether you’re a nursing student interested in Asia, studying fashion and have the itch to perfect your Spanish in Latin America, or a photography student set on a semester in Poland, spring 2019 is bound to be an unforgettable one. Capitalize on this next semester and never look back.  

While you're at it, why not be more intentional about it too? Perhaps you will find local organizations to volunteer with like teaching English to adult learners, or maybe an after school program for youngsters. The limits are endless and the opportunity is all yours. It’s not too late—secure your spring internship today!

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