Here’s Where to Get a Cheap Master’s Degree for International Students

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In today’s global society, higher education in the multinational environment has never been more relevant. In fact, it’s imperative to comprehensively understand and then face environmental and societal challenges in the 21st century. Studying at different academic institutions allows us to evade a homogenous thought processes and understand diverse perspectives. During undergrad a professor once told me that it was “limiting to study at one institution,” and I agree. 

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They say that when you get your masters degree abroad the world is your oyster, but ICYDK: The memories are your pearl! 😉

Studying in different cultural and academic contexts allows us to expand our ideologies and philosophies. Studying in a foreign context is beneficial on multiple occasions. Being in courses abroad will shake up your current ideas on the delivery of education—the traditional didactic approach you may be accustomed to. Why? You can find a cheap master’s degree for international students in all corners of the world… but the best places to find cheap masters programs abroad are in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Here's our round up of reputable, yet affordable, colleges.

Why get your master’s degree abroad?

You mean, tuition free masters programs for international students isn’t enough of a reason? What about the fact that you’ll likely get a higher caliber education than you would in your own country?

The learning environment while earning your master’s degree abroad is unparalleled to your closer-to-home institutions. In fact, the learning never stops. Between language and culture, the classroom can quickly translate into your life abroad. Diversifying your attention while engaging in an academic program has been proven to lead to better learning outcomes. Study Polish while obtaining your Master’s in Business Administration. Or the American political landscape while studying social sciences in D.C. Maybe Malay history while studying economics in Malaysia.  Or French literature in Lyon? Why not.

Regardless of where you call home on this beautiful planet, there are many cheap master’s programs abroad. Ready and waiting for your academic pursuit.

Cheap universities for international students in Europe

There are plenty of cheap master’s degrees for internal students in Europe. Cheap with exceptional value. From Scandinavia to Portugal, England to the Czech Republic, there are a bounty of affordable master’s degrees in Europe to suit your academic interests. With an outstanding history in both education, culture, and intellect, Europe is a fine place to continue your studies. 

University of Oslo building and statue

Tuition prices Oslo as you can imagine!

While the price of a master’s degree has never been more expensive, you can even find almost free universities in Europe for international students. Europe is home to some of the cheapest universities in the world for international students. If not free, there are certainly affordable programs that might work with your budget. Here is where you can find some affordable master’s degrees in Europe: 

UiO - The University of Oslo

Speaking of cheap universities for international students in Europe, why not obtain your master’s degree in Norway with the University of Oslo? Social sciences, language and arts, and a plethora of hard science degree options—with over 60 different master’s degree options, there is something for every intellect at the UiO. Located in the most populous Norwegian city, Oslo is an inviting international destination. It’s a great option for a cheap master’s degree for international students.

International Management Institute in Lucerne

Earn your Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on hospitality management in Switzerland. Continue your education in the beautiful snowcap mountain city of Lucerne. With over 25 years of experience and a near 100% internship placement rate, the International Management Institute sets its students up for successful careers in the industry. Find yourself in the middle of Europe while obtaining your master’s degree!

Paris-Sorbonne University

La Sorbonne is one of France’s most prestigious universities. Perhaps because it’s more than seven centuries old. Or the academic success of its scholars. Where history is studied and where history has been made. Whatever the case, France is an exceptional choice when considering an affordable master’s degree in Europe. It should also be noted that Paris has been named one of the best European cities for graduate students too. Check out the City of Light for your master’s degree.

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Castle and forest in Bavaria

Beers, sausages and castles? Sounds like the ideal study break. 😱

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

Check out Germany for your graduate degree. Did you know that Germany used to offer tuition free master’s programs for both international students and German citizens? While most master’s are no longer free, students can expect to pay minimal tuition rates in this country. (Yes, most graduate schools were once free.) Study design management at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences located in Munich. This charming, sizable city is more than a college town. Located in the capital of Bavaria, this university offers more than a valuable master’s degree. 

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Cheapest universities in Asia for international students

Maybe you’re European and you want to expand your academic experiences beyond Europe. There’s something calling you to Asia for one reason or another. Perhaps you’re Asian and you want to study abroad in Asia. Or you are genuinely interested in studying Thai as a foreign language. Great. Go for it. Fortunately, there are equally affordable universities throughout Asia too. Check out some of the cheapest universities in Asia for international students below. Asia is not an exception when it comes to multidisciplinary studies. Historians now work with economists, and marketers with physicians. Filipinos with Emirates, Venezuelans with Canadians. Academic doesn’t have borders, so why should you?

The cost of living in Asia is also something which attracts many graduate students. Affordable programs and reasonable costs of living? Win! Here are four Asian universities to consider for your degree abroad on your search for cheap master’s degree for international students.

Peking University HSBC Business School

This Chinese business school offers a global approach to business matters. Economics, management, and finance are some of this schools teaching specialties. Study in the modern metropolis of Shenzhen located in the southeast of China. Not only do students walk away from these programs with a better understanding of business in China, they possess invaluable insight into one of the most dominant markets in business today. 

Man wearing backpack walking through busy crowd in the street

You’re a future Seoul-cialite in the making! It’s in-Seoul-ting if you don’t believe it though. 😔

Pondicherry University

Discover the subcontinent while obtaining your graduate degree in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Kitty-corner from Sri Lanka located on the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry University offers a variety of M.S. and M.A. degrees. Started by the Indian government in the 80’s, this institution has a large international student population in the south of India. Nationally recognized faculty support students throughout their studies in this truly global learning environment. Cheap master’s degree for international students, anyone?

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Seoul National University

Located in the mega-capital city of Seoul, Seoul National University is one of South Korea’s top ranked universities. With a research emphasis, international students can expect to gain valuable research experience along with mentoring and counseling services from academic professionals. With an immense graduate studies department, students can expect to find their subject of interest. Consider a degree in this east Asian country!

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Asia Pacific University of Malaysia 

Students can choose between the arts, sciences, and humanities with a dual master’s option at the Malaysian university Asia Pacific University of Malaysia. Not only does this institution offer students with a wide range of courses, but students have the flexibility to choose between year and two-year long programs. Oh, did I mention that 95% of the 2017 graduate class found employment upon graduation? Experience Malaysia and this higher education which was rated the number one in Asia and Malaysia for its multicultural learning experience. 

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Cheapest universities in USA for international students

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Achieve an incredible NEW (York) state of mind when you pursue a Master’s Degree in the United States!

Some of oldest and best known universities are located in the US of A. Most American degrees are recognized worldwide too. From the Ivy leagues of the east coast to their counterparts on the west coast, there’s a school for everyone interested in obtaining a master’s degree. And then some. While Americans have a reputation for paying a pretty penny for their degrees, there are affordable institutions to consider as well. 

With the exception of some Ivy leagues and private institutions, there are there are some cheap master’s degrees in USA for international students. America might not be known for its affordable tuition rates, but here are some great programs to consider during your search. And here’s a link you might find useful on study abroad scholarships. Academics from across the globe unite at American universities to teach and research. Join them in your academic pursuit.

University at Buffalo—SUNY

The university of Buffalo is part of the State University of New York system. Located about six hours outside of New York City, the University at Buffalo SUNY has the largest selection of academic programs out of any public institution in New England.With over 300 graduate and professional degrees, along with many combined degree programs, the choice is yours. Create what you want.

University of Michigan

Tucked away in the midwestern city of Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan is an exceptional institution named one of the top 25 universities worldwide. The University of Michigan, or locally known as U of M, has a wide range of multidisciplinary graduate degree programs. Here you can also be apart of a diverse international population in a university setting with a thriving social scene.

Colorado State University

Explore the beauty of the four-season state of Colorado while completing your graduate studies at Colorado State University. Located in the Rocky Mountains, this public research university is consistently top-rank. CSU offers graduate programs from a handful of schools including but not limited to, business, education, and biomedical science. With over 350 student organizations, there are plenty of opportunities to become involved in interest groups.

University of Washington

Located in the famed Pacific Northwest, the University of Washington is an outstanding public research university. There are more than 370 graduate programs to choose from and with a long history as one of the oldest universities on the west coast, you are sure to receive a valuable degree. Why not consider this gem on the west coast for your graduate degree?

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Group of graduates throwing hats into sky against sunset

Wherever you choose to go, you’ll be on fire when you get that second degree! (You may want to go to the hospital though… 🔥🔥🔥)

Your cheap master’s degree awaits you & that brilliant brain of yours

There are so many master’s degree programs to choose from worldwide. Whether you’re interested in Western Europe or Southeast Asia, or North America, there are programs dotted across the map that offer subjects and topics for everyone. And while it may be difficult to find the cheapest universities in the world for international students in the U.S. there are still many choices where you can obtain a valuable graduate degree and feed your love of learning. 

At the end of the day, it depends on what you want out of your graduate school education. And what you would like to study. The goal should be to find cheap yet valuable master’s degrees for international students—in your field, aligned with YOUR goals.

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