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Israel: Haifa


The International School is an integral part of the University of Haifa. As a student in the International School you will be joining students from all over the world who have come to Israel to enhance their education. You will also be studying and living with Israeli students. The International School offers a diverse interdisciplinary program in Hebrew and Arabic languages, Israel and Middle East Studies, Comparative Religious Studies, Archaeology, Law, Communications, Economics, Literature, Intercultural Communication, Sociology, Psychology and Peace & Conflict Studies.

The International School offers Honors Programs for highly motivated students in Psychology and Peace and Conflict Studies as well as track programs specializing in Global Law, Business and Arabic Language and Culture. All of the courses in the International School are taught in English and are fully accredited. Students who are proficient in Hebrew are welcome to take courses in all other departments of the university. The professors and lecturers teaching in the International School are members of the university faculty who have distinguished careers in their respective fields. They bring a high quality of academic and teaching experience to the program.

The academic Internship Program features credit-bearing work-study experiences related to the academic or vocational interests of the student. Internships are mostly focused in the fields of social services, health services, social sciences, humanities and education. Examples of past internships include work in archaeological excavations, the Carmel Hospital, Haifa Women's Crisis Shelter, Gan HaYeled (special education preschool facility), the PR department at the University of Haifa, the Marketing department of the International School, Syneron and numerous organizations in Haifa that work with Arab-Jewish relations. Students work 10-15 hours a week at their chosen site, submit weekly reports about their progress, and complete readings assigned by their supervisor. At the end of the internship students write a final paper addressing a relevant topic in depth.

In order to complement the academic experience and enhance the students cultural immersion, they are encouraged to participate in a full range of social activities, including trips, tours, celebrations, and lectures, as well as our volunteer program. Students will go on overnight camping trips to the Galilee, to the Golan Heights, Jerusalem and the Negev. These trips include special activities for each location such as canoeing on the Jordan River, mountain climbing, swimming in a desert oasis, visits to a Bedouin camp, Druze villages and archaeological site visits. International students also participate in the on-campus activities of the University of Haifa's Students Association including concerts, socials and film series. Students are welcome and encouraged to live in the dormitory facilities on campus where they will have at least four Israeli roommates, which has proven to be the best way of fully integrating into Israeli society.

Students interested in language instruction will benefit from the Intensive Hebrew Ulpan. The program is offered in both Summer and Winter sessions. During the summer two four-week sessions are offered, and students may register for one or both. One four-week session is offered in the winter. For each four-week session, 100 academic hours of Hebrew language course will award 5 academic credits. Each Ulpan session offers a wide range of social activities, including trips, lectures, movie nights, and ample informal opportunities to practice speaking Hebrew.

Students interested in learning Modern Standard Arabic (literary Arabic) are welcome to join our intensive language program in August (for more details please see the Intensive Arabic in Haifa link on our website).

Every Septmeber, an Academic Study Tour program is also offered for current undergraduate students and recent graduates. The 3-week program combines classroom lectures with extensive trips and field work around the country, and is worth 4 academic credits.


* Diverse interdisciplinary courses
* Language Instruction
* Honors Programs
* Internship & Volunteer Opportunities
* Extensive extra curricular activities
* Exciting Trips throughout the country
* Opportunities to become fully integrated into Israeli society
* Intensive Hebrew Ulpan
* Intensive Modern Standard Arabic Program
* Summer Study Tour of Israel


Fall, Spring, Summer, Academic Year


Please contact us for more information.

Degree Level

Bachelors Degree (Undergraduate)


The Internship Program is available to students who have been accepted to a program of full time study at the International School (Fall/Spring semester or one-year program). The Internship Program runs for the duration of one semester and features directed work-study experiences related to the academic or vocational interests of students. The program is coordinated by a member of the International School faculty and an on-site supervisor who holds academic and professional credentials.

The Honors Programs as well as special track programs are very competitive. Students will be accepted based on prior academic achievements. For honors, students must complete an additional form upon registration in order to apply.

Intern Types

  • Archaeology
  • Education
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences
  • Social Work
  • Medicine
  • Field-Study
  • Art History
  • Communications
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Museum Studies


  • English
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic

Subject Areas

  • Arabic
  • Archaeology
  • Area/ethnic Studies
  • Communications
  • Comparative Literature
  • Conflict Studies
  • Culture
  • Economics
  • English Literature
  • Feminist, Gender, And Sexuality Studies
  • Foreign Language
  • Intensive Language
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Internship Programs
  • Interreligious / Interethnic Relations
  • Jewish Studies
  • Law
  • Legal Studies
  • Liberal Arts
  • Literature
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Peace Studies
  • Political Science/politics
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies
  • Social Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Student Trips (non-credit)
  • Women's Studies

Cost in US$:

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Experience Required


    At least one year of university studies.

This Program is open to

Worldwide Participants.

Typical Living Arrangements

  • Dormitory

Participants Travel


Scholarships are Available

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Application Process Involves

  • Written Application
  • Letters of Reference
  • Physical Exam/Health Records
  • Transcript
  • Other