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IFSA-Butler in Heredia, Costa Rica

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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A wonderful, wonderful study abroad experience

My experience in Costa Rica with IFSA Butler was one I will absolutely never forget. I spent 5 months living in Heredia, attending the Universidad Nacional and living with the most amazing host family who I still consider my second family. I was able to take some extremely interesting classes in Culture and Development, Spanish, Literature and Education, and I was able to participate in the language exchange conversation program at the university as well. Since all of my classes were in Spanish and since my host family did not speak English, my Spanish skills have improved dramatically which is something I am able to use in my life at home. The friends I made while abroad, both American and international, made my experience so much fun and are friends that I know will last a lifetime. I had the opportunity to travel to some truly incredible and breathtaking places that allowed me to further my knowledge of Costa Rica and its culture and people. More than all of that though, I would say I gained a knowledge about life and the world and myself while abroad that I know I couldn't have otherwise. Before I studied abroad, I was always waiting for the next big thing to happen to me, or the next big phase in my life. When I was in high school that was college, and in college it was graduation, and so on. I would tend to focus on my weekend plans and was in such a hurry to get to them that I would miss out on a lot of little things that happened to me on a daily basis which after studying abroad I have come to realize is life. Meeting so many new people who have such different stories than mine and being put in situations that I never would have thought I would be in just really opened my eyes to how sweet this life really is. In adjusting back to my life at home and on campus, I have really made it a point to focus on the every day, as opposed to things in the future. I have found that having this new found perspective I now realize that this life is full of some incredibly amazing things that we miss out on if we don't take the time to notice.