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CIEE Economics and Culture Program in Barcelona, Spain

Overall Rating

5/ 10

  • Academics


  • Living Situation


  • Cultural Immersion


  • Program Administration


  • Health and Safety


  • Social Life


Beautiful city, Program could use some work

Overall, I loved Barcelona as a city. I couldn't imagine studying anywhere else and not having the availability of the beach, city and markets. I had an incredible time living with my host family and enjoying the spanish culture and traditions with them. However, I would say that the CIEE Economics program was not very allowing for this to happen. My classes were at 8 am each day, and were throughout the day until 8:30pm. With this being said, there wasn't much time for me to be at home except to catch dinner and sleep. Also, having classes on Friday was a huge detriment to travel. Traveling is much cheaper if you leave on Thursdays, and that just was not available for CIEE students. Given that we could only have 2-3 absences in our classes, it was hard to miss or you may fail the class. Living in Europe and being so close to so many other beautiful countries was not nearly as available for us to explore while in our program, as it was for many others in different programs. However, I have heard that CIEE has changed their class schedule and it is something to look into!