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A Guide to TEFL Courses Abroad in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a bustling city where you can do more than become a film star. Why not becoming a TEFL star if acting isn’t really your thing? The city offers some of the best language schools worldwide. You’ll be supported by well experienced teachers and tutors, meet other future EFL teachers and gain the valuable classroom experience that will help you land your dream TEFL job in a country of your choice. Gaining a TEFL certification in Los Angeles is a great way to ease you into the wonderful world of TEFL teaching!

What you need to know to take TEFL courses in Los Angeles, USA

There are so many TEFL courses to choose from, it may be a little overwhelming if this is the first time you’ve delved into the TEFL universe. Not to fear, though, these tips will make it all clearer for you.

TEFL course structure/format. TEFL courses can be made up of a mixture of online units and real life classes. In some cases, providers will do 100% of the material online or 100% in person. For a busy student or worker, online courses are perfect. As long as you get all the assignments in for the deadlines, you can work when it suits you. However, sometimes this option means that you have no “teaching experience,” which employers usually want. Having some units given in a classroom means you can practice mock lessons, get feedback, and gain some teaching experience. A mixture of online and real life experience is a popular option to tackle all of the aforementioned issues. There are also TEFL job prospects in LA, giving you the chance to work in the US and practice some of the great skills you’ve gained throughout your course.  

Length of TEFL courses/requirements. There are a range of modules for you to study from to fulfill a completed TEFL certificate in Los Angeles. Before you begin, it would be wise for you to think about the students you want to teach. Would you prefer to teach adults and university students? If so, taking a grammar course would be advisable. Prefer teaching young children? Take a young learners course. Not sure when you’ll be able to move abroad? Consider taking a course designed for tutoring students online. The possibilities are endless. You could be a super TEFL teacher and take all the courses! This widens your knowledge and improves employability. 

Job placement assistance. The great thing about getting TEFL certified in Los Angeles is that most course providers offer continued support after you’ve completed the course. A general rule of thumb is that if the TEFL course provider doesn’t offer some help with job placement (even if it is as simple as an online job board), you’re probably better off finding a different TEFL course provider. Double check that the job support offered is ongoing, rather than a one off.

Life in Los Angeles

Although most people think of wannabe a-listers when they think of LA, this is actually not the largest industry (phew, we can stop worrying now about being surrounded by divas nonstop!). The business and international trade industries are actually bigger than the entertainment industry in LA, and as a result have a range of international expats. What a better way to prepare for your TEFL certification than to meet people from all over the world? 

The thriving industries in Los Angeles are reflected in the living costs. Living costs can work out pricey if you want to rent. However, like all major cities, cheaper options are available! Check out Airbnb, local rental sites, and apartment shares to keep the cost down.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop on TEFL courses in Los Angeles, USA

Take advantage of all classroom time offered in your course. If you’ve never taught before, standing in front of a class may seem like one of the most daunting tasks ever. That’s why gaining your TEFL certification in Los Angeles is so appealing! You’ll be surrounded by likeminded people who probably feel just as nervous as you do. Make friends with those on your course and you’ll have fun learning from each other. 

Do the touristy stuff! What’s the point in gaining your TEFL certification in LA if you’re going to study ALL the time without a little respite? Go and window shop (or real shop if you’re super rich) on Rodeo Drive *cue Pretty Woman music* and visit Hollywood. You may even spot your favorite celebrity—Mickey Mouse—if you’re lucky enough! As well as touristy things, be sure to try some of the non-touristy things LA has to offer. Search for the best grub, take a walk in one of the local parks and go kayaking in the Los Angeles river.

Getting TEFL certified in LA is without a doubt one of the best ways to open up opportunities for future travel and work abroad. Pack your bags and go! 

Read our comprehensive guide to getting TEFL certified in the US for more information.

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A Guide To
TEFL Courses Abroad in Los Angeles


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