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USAC KOREA: Seoul - Korean & East Asian Studies at Yonsei

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The city that stole my heart and {Seoul}

As a veteran of study abroad, I felt as if my time in Italy was too "easy." I wasn't challenged. For my next study abroad trip, I knew I wanted to be mentally and culturally challenged. With that, I chose Seoul, South Korea as my next destination.

Seoul was challenging in every way I'd want it to be. The new culture, people, and way of life was an adjustment at the least. With a new currency and letters I couldn't read, I found innate things like grocery shopping and eating at a restaurant difficult. But they were difficult in the most rewarding sense. After every experience I had in Seoul, I felt major accomplishment. As a foreigner, immersed in a new city, I found comfort in being able to figure things out on my own (and with the help of my fellow foreigners). The obstacles I tackled with the friends I met abroad helped the friendships I made flourish. I made lifelong friends that travel across countries to see me (and vice versa!).

In comparison to my other study abroad experience, I will always be thankful for Seoul the most. I opened my mind to the cultures that the west remains ignorant of. I discovered new flavors of food that I had never heard of. I discovered new history that we aren't taught. I discovered new perspective.

Seoul is a vibrant, global city. I urge anyone and everyone to go if they are given the chance. This city will truly steal your heart and soul.