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Semester at Sea - Fall Voyage: South Africa

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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Semester at Sea - The Best Way to See The World and Inspire Future Travels

Semester at Sea is without question one of the best experiences I will ever have. I sailed as a sophomore in college and it forever changed my passions and future career path. People criticize the program because you don't get a chance to live in one country, but for me it ignited my passion for travel and I ended up securing an internship abroad the following summer. I know that is not feasible for everyone, but the internship did align with my major at the time, so there are options - please don't let the lack of living in one country deter you from choosing SAS! On top of the amazing experience in countries all around the world, I made lifelong friends that I still keep in touch with 5 years later. Living on a ship and seeing all of the amazing (and sometimes heartbreaking) things that SAS introduces you to bonds you to your classmates in a way that other study abroad programs can't.

Since this review is supposed to be about South Africa, I will note that South Africa was one of my favorite countries that I visited while on SAS.