Masai Mara Lion, Wildlife Research and Conservation Project
Kaya Responsible Travel participant with the locals Kaya Responsible Travel participant with the locals

Masai Mara Lion, Wildlife Research and Conservation Project

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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That it is the best thing that you can experience!

I was worried that I would not be able to find the person who was supposed to pick me up from the airport. In the end it was all easy! There was a small trouble in Mozambique but it was easily solved.

The highlight of Kenya were the animals and to get know the Masai. I also made a lot of new friends there.

In Zambia it was to hold a chimpanzee and in Mozambique to see a 3 metre long shark and mantas.

I wanted to be in a big family and to get know the people so that they would accept me as a friend and not just a paying tourist. This feeling was the most important for me.

I really want to do more projects, travel more and help were I can. I care a lot about the way animals are treated. It made me more confident about m self, I grew a lot there.

That it is the best thing that you can experience! You will meet a lot of people, get to know different cultures, be free, learn a language really easily, make friends and most importantly, grow in yourself.

Kenya was just great!

Volunteer Experience:
Kenya: Every volunteer was really important for the project and their manager. They gave you a good feeling and you really felt, that you are changing something. You had responsibilities. And so you felt important. At the end I had amazing experiences and had tears to say goodbye.

Zambia: There was not too much work here. You walked up the cages, cleaned them, feed the chimpanzees and that’s it. The work at the end is ok, but there were lots of workers!

Mozambique: There was a little work here but we were out of luck because we didn’t see very many mantas or whale sharks.

Living Situation:
Kenya: It was easy because you had everything which you needed. The accommodation was good, clean, you had hot water sometimes, and that was a real luxury. The first day when I arrived I felt at home. It was perfect accommodation. The food was great, we had always enough to eat, although we were 5 hours away from the next bigger city…so it was amazing. I would recommend this accommodation to everyone. It’s really great.

Zambia: The accommodation was ok. You stayed with some other volunteers in a bungalow although the beds were not as comfortable and the internet signal was very sporadic which made it hard to stay in contact with family and friends. The food portions were also small so I would have liked them a little bigger.

Mozambique: We lived in a beach-house which was amazing. There were around 9 people in one dorm, so it was really warm. The living room was big and nice. The kitchen was ok too.

Program Administration:
I had a really good preparation with Kaya. They helped me a lot. I booked my trip quite shortly, but Kaya helped me everywhere. It was really nice to have Kaya, which could help me about quite everything. A really good thing is the documents about every project which they sent me per mail. They knew the most important things, which was so helpful.